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Let’s talk about probiotics, baby! If you follow the wellness industry through Instagram influencers or simply like to stay in the know with regards to what’s trending, you’ve likely heard the phrase “gut health” discussed in recent years. But what does it all mean?

Well, for starters, gut health is connected to your overall well-being — in fact, it makes up 70% of your immune system and 90% of your serotonin. Yep, it’s linked to everything, and it’s easy to let it slip by the wayside — especially as many of Us have been dealing with extreme stress over the past two years. That said, not maintaining a healthy gut may lead to anything from bloating, to inflammation, to further complications down the line. The answer? A proper probiotic.

There are many products on the market, but it’s important to find the right one because a lot of them don’t do much. So what is the right one to help balance digestion and improve your immune system overall? A multi-strain probiotic that’s fresh with non generic and diverse strains like Jetson which has what it takes to maintain your gut health as we close out 2021.


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That said, variation is key in terms of probiotics — you may need different supplements depending on the season. Dr. Jannine Krause states, “Your health is your wealth, and the more diversified your gut portfolio is, the better you will be at absorbing the nutrients you need for boosting your metabolism and energy levels.” But don’t worry: Maintaining gut diversity isn’t complicated thanks to Jetson. If you sign up for the seasonal subscription one time, you’ll get a fresh bottle of probiotics delivered to your door every month, with a new formulation delivered every three months — like the Fit formulation for the summer and the Immunity formulation for the winter. It’s a fantastic way to stay balanced and requires almost no effort!

Try Jetson for 40% off with code USWEEKLY40 at

Customers are thrilled with the results, with one stating “Ever since I’ve been taking Jetson, my body feels so much better. No more bloating or tummy aches. This stuff is great. Love the seasonal probiotic subscription. Truly a game changer.” Another shopper who had previously been skeptical of probiotics is officially convinced, saying “I have medical conditions that render my gut less healthy than the average person, so I never noticed much of a difference when I am taking a probiotic, but taking Jetson seasonal blend with the Gut Prep prebiotic was the first time I experienced what a probiotic can do.”

Jetson truly is one subscription with many benefits and has you covered year round — from flu season to bikini season. We love to see it — get the scoop at Jetson now!

Try Jetson for 40% off with code USWEEKLY40 at

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