Uh oh! Jessica Simpson was “disappointed” on Dec. 5 when she woke up to learn that Natalie Portman had shaded an old bikini shoot she did in a recent interview. It didn’t take long for Jess to clap back, saying that she doesn’t “shame other women for their choices,” and wishes Natalie wouldn’t, either.

It all started when Natalie told USA Today, “I remember being a teenager, and there was Jessica Simpson on the cover of a magazine saying ‘I’m a virgin’ while wearing a bikini, and I was confused. Like, I don’t know what this is trying to tell me as a woman, as a girl.” Jessica was clearly offended that Natalie believed her outfit and sexual experience had anything to do with each other.

“As public figures, we both know our image is not totally in our control at all times, and that the industry we work in often tries to def8ine us and box us in,” she said in a response on Twitter. “However, I was taught myself, and honor the different ways all women express themselves, which is why I believed then, and believe now, that being sexy in a bikini is not synonymous with having sex.”

Jessica went on to explain that she’s always tried her best to be a good role model, saying she wanted to let women know that they can “look however they want, wear whatever they want, and have sex or not have sex with whomever they want. In this era of Time’s Up and all the great work you have done for women, I encourage you to do the same.”

Ironically, Natalie also mentioned Time’s Up in her interview. “I’ve been working for 25 years, [and] I’ve never had friendships in my industry until now,” she explained. “You’re usually the [only] girl in the movie. [Time’s Up] made us come together. We’re actively gathering. Just the power of us getting to know other women in our own industry and sharing information that can help us be safer, more productive, more successful.” Well hey, there’s always more to learn — Natalie is the perfect example.

While Nat seemed flabbergasted by Jessica’s sexuality, she also praised Madonna, who is a sexual icon. “I felt really lucky to have her as a little kid, because I saw someone who was brazen and disobedient and provocative and trying to mess with people and always changing,” she said. “I thought it was a great thing to see in a woman growing up.” We’re just hoping these two powerful ladies can have a chat and join together to keep being awesome role models.

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