Apparently, not even prison can stop Jared Fogle‘s pervy ways. The disgraced former Subway spokesperson is currently serving a 15-year sentence in a Federal Correctional Institution for his child molestation conviction. You’d think that’d be enough to keep the felon off the dating market — but, Radar is reporting that he and a pen pal are exchanging X-rated letters while he’s behind bars.

The woman who is engaging in this “relationship” with Fogle leaked the letters and the context is… disturbing, to say the least. The 40-year-old pedophile reveals his fantasies during the correspondence. “Boobs are my favorite thing, you know?” he writes. “You can’t show boobs or p—y or anything like that. You know, I mean, but other than that it’s pretty much whatever.”

jared fogle getty images

He also asks the woman for explicit descriptions of her relationship with a female friend. Plus, he admits how he’s coping with living within the prison. “I miss being able to travel to say the least,” he writes. “Can’t wait to do it again when I get out of here. Vegas is my favorite place to go in America.” He continues to explain how he views his conviction as a “valley.”

“I usually get up around 8 a.m. or so… heheeh I like to sleep in,” he explains. “Breakfast is at 6 a.m. on weekdays but I never go to it. Lunch is around 11 a.m. and dinner is at 5 or so. I run every day in the gym and lift weights a few days a week. I read and play cards some days. I sort of look at this time as a ‘forced temporary retirement’ LOL.”

jared fogle getty images

That’s one way to look at it… Fogle recently begged a judge to withdraw his 2015 guilty plea. According to him, he was illegally charged with crossing state lines to have sex with a minor. “That is the attitude I try and keep. Life is a series of peaks and valleys and this is a big valley but it isn’t forever, you know?” he adds. “I have my moments where I get down in the but for the most part, I just try to take things a day at a time and make the best out of the situation. It is what it is, right?”

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