In the early ‘90s, after being found legally sane and fit to stand trial, Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 16 consecutive life sentences. While the serial killer — who raped, dismembered, and killed 17 men and boys, mostly in the state of Wisconsin — wasn’t elligible for the death penalty because the state didn’t allow capital punishment, however, that didn’t stop one inmate from taking matters into his own hands.

While serving his multiple life sentences, Dahmer was bludgeoned to death on Nov. 28, 1994 by Christopher Scarver, who was also sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder. Dahmer, his killer, and a third man — also convicted of murder, and also killed by Scarver — reported for their prison work duty, which included cleaning the toilets in the gym. While they were left alone, Scarver used a metal bar (which was part of a piece of exercise equipment) to beat the other men to death. Following the beating, Dahmer was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital and the other man, Jesse Anderson, died two days later as the result of the beating.

The Milwaukee District Attorney who sent Dahmer to jail in two years prior to his death, said of his passing, “This is the last sad chapter in a very sad life.” He continued, “Tragically, his parents will have to experience the same loss the families of his victims have experienced.”

In a recent interview, in 2015, Scarver told the New York Post that he killed Dahmer because he wasn’t remorseful about his crimes — and would taunt the other inmates by creating limbs out of the unimpressive prison meals and drizzling ketchup to signify blood (Dahmer infamously committed cannibalism). “He crossed the line with some people — prisoners, prison staff,” Scarver said. “Some people who are in prison are repentant — but he was not one of them.”

Similarly, Scarver doesn’t feel particularly remorseful for his actions, either. When asked if prison officials knew what they were doing when they left Scarver alone with Dahmer — someone he was known for hating, he simply said “yes.” He cryptically added, “They had something to do with what took place.”

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