Disgraced Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogle, is trying — once again — to get out of jail. The 40-year-old pedophile was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2015 after pleading guilty to a child pornography case and sex charges. Now, he’s seeking $57 million and a new trial in a federal civil suit.

According to FOX 59, Jared is asking for the large financial sum because he says federal officials stole his Subway fortune from him during his trial. In the suit, which was filed in March, Jared alleged that the warrant the FBI used to search his home didn’t exist. He also claimed that he received poor advice from his lawyers to plead guilty to “false charges” and to pay $1.4 million in restitution to his victims.

jared fogle subway

Yet this isn’t the first time Jared has tried to lower his sentence. In fact, he even went as far as reaching out to President Donald Trump for help. According to TMZ, Fogle filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus — which simply means he’s filed a direct appeal for the federal prison to release him. He reportedly filed the document against the warden of his prison and included President Trump as a respondent. TMZ said he added the White House’s address on the document as well.

Since Fogle’s incarceration, he has gained weight, been attacked, and has made multiple failed attempts to be released. Not only that but at the very beginning of his sentence he penned a letter — to a woman he knew years ago who had reached out to him — from his cell at Colorado’s Federal Correctional Institution a letter, which In Touch obtained exclusively, that downplayed his crimes.

He wrote, “It has been a very hard nine months for me. I made a couple of mistakes but nothing like the media reports have said. They are making me into some sort of monster which is absolutely not true… I’m currently appealing my prison sentence and am hoping for the best with it. Bottom line, my director of my foundation and friend did some bad stuff and tried to throw me under the bus with him.”

Most recently, Radar Online reported that Jared exchanged X-rated letters with a prison pen pal and she has completely exposed him. Fogle allegedly revealed his fantasies to the woman when he said, “Boobs are my favorite thing, you know? You can’t show boobs or p—y or anything like that. You know, I mean, but other than that it’s pretty much whatever.”

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