She may be 30, but Jana Duggar still lives according to her parents’ strict rules. That’s why the Counting On star’s followers were so shocked to see that she seemingly visited Las Vegas, Nevada without Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar at her side. On Thursday, January 30, the oldest Duggar daughter revealed that she was in town for the 2020 Winter Las Vegas Market, a convention for home and gift industry professionals. Her photos were perfectly appropriate (and modest — even the strangers in the background), but fans couldn’t help weighing in.

“I’m surprised you’re allowed to go to ‘Sin City,'” one wrote in the comments of her post. “Sin City?” another asked simply. “What [did] you do in a party city like Las Vegas?” a third wanted to know. A fourth chimed in, “Did you have an accountability partner with you?”

In her post, Jana noted that she was hanging out with BFF Laura DeMasie, but as it turns out, the two pals may not have been so unchaperoned after all. “I thought I saw you and your dad at Bellagio,” one Instagram user commented. Fans also spotted a Duggar update account sharing a photo of the dad and daughter together with Laura and other women.

“I was excited for you … until I saw Daddy Duggar had to chaperone you. 🙄😩 I’m betting none of the other women you were with had to have their daddy tag along to babysit them,” a fan criticized. “You’re 30! It’s time to grow up, Jana.”

Despite the drama, most were excited to see the TLC star get a chance to pursue her passions. Whether or not her dad was in tow, they wanted to know what kind of products she picked out at the trade show — and if they’d get a chance to see her working with them on TV. The 30-year-old has a serious knack for home decor, and she’s shown it off on her social media accounts on more than one occasion.

In May 2019, the 30-year-old surprised her parents with a bedroom makeover. At the end of the year, she imparted some seriously clever closet organization tricks. “I hope we get to see what you are doing!” one fan wrote after her Vegas trip. “You are so talented in so many areas!”

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