Sorry, not sorry? James Charles lashed out at fans upset by his bruised makeup look on Monday, April 6. After receiving backlash over his participation in the mugshot trend, in which he showed a photo of himself with a fake black eye and bloody nose, he vented that it was “a waste of time” trying to defend and explain himself.

“Despite the fact that hundreds of other influencers and artists have done something similar, I deleted the mugshot trend because it was never my intention to trigger anyone,” James, 20, wrote on Twitter. “It’s a waste of time trying to have an open discussion with people who hate me regardless,” he continued, adding a peace sign emoji.

In a follow-up tweet, the makeup vlogger emphasized that his response was “not an apology.” However, he did offer his sympathies to a fan who claimed they suffer from PTSD and the photo triggered them. Though he was still careful to not say sorry for sharing the images, he did write, “I’m sorry you went through that and glad that you are here today.”

The YouTuber’s original photos were shared on April 5 and sparked fallout as some fans claimed it was upsetting and uncomfortable. “[At] everyone doing that mugshot trend: You COULD’VE looked snatched like Lindsay Lohan in her mugshot, but instead you chose to go after something with ‘shock value’ [and] emulate what domestic abuse victims suffer through,” wrote one Twitter user as they shared James’ photo. “Just so you can get likes? How desperate do you have to be?”

Initially, the makeup artist tried to deflect criticism by mentioning The Weeknd’s album cover for After Hours, which featured the singer smiling with blood on his face. “I haven’t seen a single tweet about him glorifying violence or abuse? Can someone please explain how it’s any different? I’m really trying to understand,” he tweeted. Unfortunately for the star, fans weren’t impressed by that defense either.

“James Charles really tried to drag The Weeknd [in] on his mess. Embarrassing,” one wrote. “The Weeknd isn’t glorifying it,” a second said. “It’s essential to the plot of his music video story. Same reason why a horror movie using violence and blood wouldn’t be glorifying violence. There’s a plot to it. When [you] apply it for fun simply because … That just doesn’t make sense to do.”

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