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If you’ve tried CBD before or even use it regularly, you might have wondered if you’d be better off taking more of it. There’s no official chart saying you should take X amount of CBD for this or that purpose, the way there is with many other supplements. So, a lot of people have wound up taking the standard serving size listed on the bottle, which can range anywhere from 5 mg to 150 mg in typical CBD products.

That might leave you with the impression that taking more might lead to some sort of problem. But in fact, research suggests that most people have probably been taking too little. Studies of the benefits of CBD on human subjects typically use much larger amounts than the standard daily serving size – often amounts that would be difficult for the average person to afford. But fortunately, cbdMD now has high potency CBD products that cost you only a few dollars a day!


Benefits of High Potency CBD

The benefits of high potency CBD are essentially the same as you get from CBD in general, but more so. These include:

  • Relaxation
  • Everyday stress management
  • Better sleep
  • Exercise recovery
  • Easing discomfort
  • Improved mood

As we mentioned earlier, most studies supporting these benefits used quite strong CBD dosages, usually hundreds of milligrams. Exactly how much works for you will vary depending on your unique physiology, but in general, when it comes to CBD, more is better.


What Is the Strongest Strength of CBD?

Most CBD products offer fewer than 100 mg of CBD per serving, which has generally been a function more of supply and demand than anything else. When CBD first became legal at the start of 2019, the burst of pent-up demand meant that the supply of hemp was behind the curve. That’s why high potency CBD has historically been so expensive.

Nowadays, the market has matured and there’s no reason not to go for higher potencies except habit. cbdMD’s new line of products have 6000 mg of CBD per bottle, or 200 mg for serving, which is more than most commercially available CBD products, and they go for less than $90 a bottle. For even more power, you can take the 7500 mg CBD oil tincture with 250 mg per serving.


How Much CBD Should I Take?

The 200-250 mg per serving provided by those products is a good daily amount for most people, so you can use that as a baseline amount. Taking a daily CBD regimen is a good idea because it builds up in your system over time, increasing the benefits. If you wish, you can supplement with specialty products like CBD sleep aids or CBD topicals for particular needs.

And you can take more than that if you want! While studies differ slightly on the question of how much CBD is too much, you’d clearly have to take thousands of milligrams at a time before you hit it. So, if you’ve been taking a daily 100-200 mg of CBD for a few weeks, and aren’t feeling the results you want, feel free to gradually increase it even past the regular serving size.

If you’ve been taking broad spectrum CBD products but are open to using a little THC, you can also up your game with full spectrum CBD products. These include a small amount of THC that isn’t enough to get you high but can make the CBD feel more potent even with the same number of milligrams.

Moreover, even if you’re satisfied with using less than 200 mg a day, it’s worth pointing out that buying a high potency product can actually be more cost-effective. You can easily take a half serving – even of the gummies or capsules, since a full serving is two pieces – and the bottle will last you twice as long as a lower-potency product, without costing twice as much. So, check out a higher potency CBD product today!


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