There are few people as dedicated to plastic surgery as Rodrigo Alves — better known as the “Human Ken Doll”!

The 33-year-old has gone under the knife for 57 cosmetic surgeries (he has his 58th, an eye color-changing procedure, booked!) and began getting surgery when he was only a teenager — and while people have a lot of questions about his affinity for plastic surgery, one of the most common questions is how much he’s spent in his pursuit of perfection.

EXCLUSIVE: Rodrigo Alves Shares His Plans for the Future!

human ken
Rodrigo Alves

Roddy before surgery (left) vs. after (right).

“To date — because I have to keep records of everything — so far I have spent, in British/English pounds, nearly £400,000,” he told In Touch exclusively, adding that he has paid for all of his surgeries himself. For those wondering, that’s a little more than a half a million dollars!

“Sometimes I do get discounts from doctors, I’m not gonna lie, I do get discounts from doctors, I don’t play the full price simply because I refer patients to them if I like [what they did], but I don’t take anything for free! Nothing is for free in this life!”

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He explained that he would be fearful that if he did it for free, and something were to go wrong, the doctors wouldn’t be understanding or supportive.

While Roddy is no stranger to being interviewed, he revealed that his dream is to actually be the interviewer — and host his own talk show.

rodrigo alves
Rodrigo Alves

“It’s been four years that I’ve been in the public eye. And I’ve learned how to deal with the press, be on television… My dream is my very own talk show, where we can talk about current affairs, fashion, male grooming, all that is out there that people don’t talk about, and has to be talked about,” he enthusiastically told In Touch. “Why shouldn’t men wear makeup? What’s the taboo about plastic surgery? Let’s talk about what people don’t talk about — and share experiences with each other.”

rodrigo alves
Rodrigo Alves

He added, “That’s my dream — to have my very own chat show… I always have fun being a guest, but I want to have my own chat show. When that day comes, that’ll be my dream coming true.”

We can’t wait to see it happen!

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