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Digital marketing, and specifically influencer marketing, is at the core of business development today. Companies are taking their brands to the next level by enlisting the services of celebrities and influencers to help them maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Runway Influence is a top influencer marketing agency that uses model influencers to showcase brands’ products and drive sales, helping their clients stay ahead of the competition.

The Los Angeles-based social media marketing agency has been in operation since 2015. It stands as the best influencer marketing agency because of its ability to match prominent celebrities, models, and influencers with brands to achieve the best return on investment. The influencer marketing agency’s CEO, Ernest Sturm, reveals that their decision to use beautiful model influencers was inspired by their successful social media advertising and marketing prowess. “There’s a reason why beautiful models have been used in the marketing industry to advertise brands with much success. We apply the same formula to social media marketing. The reason we decided to focus on this niche of influencers is that they know how to promote a brand and make it look as appealing as possible,” Sturm explains.

Runway Influence has mastered the art of crafting and delivering convincing and relatable messages to target markets to elevate your brand and give it the luxurious and upscale image it deserves. Nobody does this better than Runway Influence’s stunning, hand-picked model influencers.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Sturm says the most popular brands in the world have succeeded not because they make the best product but because they tell the best stories about their brand. He observes that consumers want to buy luxury brands because they want to be associated with their image and wish to become part of their story. Based on this understanding, Runway Influence had to evolve from an influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles that advertised products through ads into a global social media marketing agency that tells realistic stories that naturally appeal to the right audience.

“Runway Influence stands out because, at our core, we don’t just have agency-signed models and high-end influencers. We have a group of people who we love to collaborate with. We hire people we also love to work with because we want to ensure that everyone has a great experience when partnering with us, whether it be our clientele or our influencers,” Sturm shares. As creative collaborators, the agency’s team curates every piece of every single marketing campaign.

Runway Influence has successfully worked with prominent brands from across the world and aims to collaborate with even more. “One of my most successful jobs was working with WildFox Couture, for which we booked incredibly talented influencers who brought a ton of exposure to the brand in a matter of days. Not only did this campaign provide the results we intended, but it was also visually stunning and produced incredible content,” Sturm adds.

Another collaboration Runway Influence worked on recently was for the major Chinese shoe company VIVAIA, for which they booked major supermodels and celebrity influencers Candice Swanepoel and Emily DiDonato. “Our global network of today’s most celebrated models, celebrities, and influencers and our extensive knowledge of social media branding and marketing enables us to amplify a brand’s message, extend its reach, and elevate its image,” says Sturm.

As a social media marketing agency, Runway Influence has worked with the biggest names in influencer marketing in Los Angeles, New York, and beyond, having and produced campaigns for some of the most renowned brands in the world, including Adidas and McLaren. The agency has also built solid relationships with some of the biggest and most luxurious global brands, including Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, and Ferrari.


Sturms aspires to make Runway Influence a powerhouse social media marketing agency synonymous with influencer marketing from New York to Los Angeles and beyond. He wants it to be known as the go-to agency for exclusive brands’ social media branding and marketing needs, especially when booking top model influencers and celebrities.



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