Mark Wahlberg is known for his extreme dedication to staying fit. In 2018, the A-list action star revealed his brutal workout schedule, which includes two grueling daily sweat sessions (the first one begins at 3:40 a.m.!). So it’s not that surprising to hear the father of four has no intention of gaining the “quarantine 15” while on lockdown with his model wife of 10 years, Rhea Durham, 41, and their kids, Ella, 16, Michael, 14, Brendan, 11, and Grace, 10.

Mark, 48, says he plans to emerge from self-isolation even more ripped than he was before! The entire Wahlberg crew has been doing F45 workouts (Mark is an investor in the fitness studio chain, which specializes in 45-minute high-intensity interval training classes). “My wife and I are doing them four to five days a week at home, and I even get the kids to jump in and grind it out with us,” says the Instant Family star and co-creator of the all-natural supplement line Performance Inspired. “Our goal is to come out of the lockdown in even better shape.” Here, Mark talks to In Touch about hunkering down during the coronavirus crisis, how he stays motivated and the projects he’s super excited to launch when things get back to normal.

How is your family doing?

This coronavirus crisis is not easy for anybody. But as parents, we’re excited to spend time with our children with fewer distractions, and we’re working on learning new things together, being creative and reading more. And we’re really focused on our fitness.

How do you stay so motivated?

Some days it’s hard to get going, but fitness and working hard is a habit for me. I’m always pushing myself and the people around me to be better at everything we do and get involved in.

Tell us about Performance Inspired…

I created PI with Tom Dowd from GNC because I am committed to the health and wellness space, and I wanted a really clean, all-natural line of products I could trust.

Is there a specific PI product you’d recommend for women to try now?

Women are looking for help with energy, diet, recovery and getting the most from their workouts. Our Collagen Pills, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Diet & Energy protein are big sellers.

Mark Wahlberg working out in the gym, shares fitness secrets

You’ve done many different workouts. What do you love about F45?

The variety. The workouts do not get boring. And hitting your muscle groups from different angles and shocking the muscles help get you into amazing shape.

Can anyone do it?

It’s for people of any fitness level. You can follow along at your own pace or fitness level, and the instructors are amazing motivators. Rhea is now also addicted. It’s really life-changing!

Any other projects?

Right now while my movie career is on hold, we’re working hard to support Wahlburgers [the burger chain owned by Mark and his brothers Paul and Donnie] and F45.

So not much downtime!

I’m also working on launching an apparel line, Municipal, and a new show called Wahl Street for HBO Max that should be out this year. So I continue to be really busy!

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