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Sleep is a healing therapy that relieves all the mental and physical stress you encountered that day to help you start fresh the next morning. Your activities during the day are enough to put you to sleep at night but it does not happen organically in every case. Some people keep tossing and turning on the bed struggling to get sleep. It is at this point they consider taking sleep drugs.


Conventional sleep drugs produce a sedative effect on the users and help them get to sleep. However, many sleep-inducing drugs are reported to come with side effects like fatigue. This factor can affect your activities during the day.


CBD is a relatively new addition to the list of sleep drugs. It is a purely herbal sleep aid that helps you get to sleep by regulating your sleep and wake cycle. To be precise, it is a wake aid that keeps you active during the day, thereby helping you get good sleep at night.

Ways In Which CBD Act As A Sleep Aid

Let us take a look at how CBD offers better sleep to understand why people use CBD for sleep.

Pain Relief

If you are suffering from serious pain conditions, it will be quite difficult to get enough sleep at night. The pain simply won’t let you sleep. CBD is known for its analgesic properties, which is why its use in palliative care and in treating general pain symptoms is highly recommended. When pain symptoms are handled effectively, you can sleep peacefully at night.


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Anxiety And Stress Relief

Sleep issues are among the commonly reported symptoms of anxiety disorder. Stress conditions are associated with an increase in the levels of cortisol, a hormone that has a significant impact on the REM sleep cycle. REM sleep behavior disorder is associated with restlessness and recurrent dreams that make it hard for you to get sleep. By regulating the levels of cortisol, CBD regulates the REM cycle and help you get good sleep.

Offers Relief From PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a result of traumatic events in the life of an individual that causes sleep disturbances and REM sleep behavior disorder. The results of various studies have supported the idea of using CBD to handle PTSD related sleep issues.

To find out the CBD dosage that is right for you, keep on experimenting by starting with a low dosage and increasing them gradually until to reach the ideal dosage.


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