She could be in for a tough time. When Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison for her involvement in the nationwide college admissions scandal, she asked if she could serve her time at the Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin. As it so happens, that’s the same facility where Heidi Fleiss, a.k.a. the “Hollywood Madam,” was jailed for three years — from 1997 to 2000. Fleiss revealed what Huffman’s experience may be like based on what she went through in an interview with Radar Online on Tuesday, September 17.

“Two weeks is nothing, she will be just fine,” Fleiss, 53, said of the Desperate Housewives alum. “I’m sure she’s prepared for films that were much harder. This will make her a little bit more interesting now that she’s a convicted felon, in my book.” She added that Huffman will “have an interesting experience” at Dublin if she ends up there, but that she personally “had it rough.”

Fleiss served time at Dublin for running a prostitution ring that worked with rich clients. “I didn’t have it easy … and I wound up being sent to the big prison across the street for some time,” Fleiss revealed of her time there. “I still don’t know if it was partly because of the nature I was arrested for, or partly my own fault, but I’m grateful now for all of it. Looking back now, it’s funny how scared I was at time [sic] because, you know, it feels like nothing now.”

Heidi Fleiss Rough Prison Where Felicity Huffman Will Serve Time
Jonathan Hordle/Shutterstock

In addition to Huffman’s prison sentence, she was given one year of probation and needs to do 250 hours of community service. Huffman was also given a $30,000 fine. “Felicity is grateful she only received 14 days in prison,” an insider told Us Weekly. “The probation report was favorable for Felicity, but there were no guarantees that the judge could have sentenced to her a much longer term.”

“Felicity is going to be fine as long as she has money in her books, which for her, won’t be a problem,” Fleiss told Radar. “My first day at orientation, I panicked because I never mopped before. I grew up with housekeepers, so I didn’t know what to do with a squeegee. But now, trust me, I can clean anything. … If she (Felicity) is only going to be there for two weeks, she will do just fine. She won’t have to worry about the horror I encountered.”

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