In interviews with In Touch, former patients and other insiders reveal what it is like inside the ultra-strict rehabilitation center two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and infamous mega-producer Harvey Weinstein are both reportedly seeking treatment for sex addiction at.

“You only come here to get real help,” a former patient of The Meadows, in Wickenburg, Ariz., explains. “If you come here for good press, you won’t make it.”

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Those seeking help for sex addiction enter the $60,000, 45-day Gentle Path program. “Before you begin treatment, you have to sign a contract of celibacy, which includes masturbation,” former patient Ralph Paglia, who was treated there in 2013, adds.

Cellphones and laptops also are prohibited, a former patient named Samantha shared, adding that Kevin would be allowed to watch carefully vetted movies and go on the internet on a communal computer.

Patients share modest sleeping quarters with a roommate and are not supposed to leave the premises. “Harvey probably would be in a room with Kevin or another big celebrity because they try to make the treatment bearable,” an insider reveals.

“If you miss a class, you’re tracked down by security and escorted to where you’re supposed to be,” says Ralph, who roomed with a U.S. senator. “Celebrities don’t get special treatment,” the former patient insists. “It’s serious business.”

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