At her limit. Halsey went off on a fan who yelled out ex-boyfriend G-Eazy‘s name during her pre-Super Bowl concert on Saturday, February 1, in Miami, and she spoke out after she got some backlash online.

In a video clip from the show obtained by Hollywood Unlocked, the pop star could be seen telling her fans a story in between songs. The 25-year-old then stopped mid-sentence and turned to the fan who had seemingly been shouting her ex’s name.

“If you say G-Eazy one more f–king time, I’ll kick you outside of this party,” Halsey said, then turned to the side of the stage where she thought the fan was standing. “Test me! F–king test me! You want to get out of the crowd? Who was it? It’s you? Who said, ‘G-Eazy?’ Who’s f–king doing it? Cause I’ll kick your ass out of the club! You don’t disrespect me like that at my own show.”

halsey seemingly responds after confronting fan who kept yelling g-eazy's name at concert

Shortly after the clip surfaced online, some criticized the singer for her outburst. But fans took to social media to defend the “Graveyard” singer and praised her for standing up for herself. “I’m proud of her for doing this. Some of y’all in the comments need to realize that she wasn’t ‘making a scene,’ she was calling out someone who was being disrespectful at her show. Did they pay to go see her? Yes. But that doesn’t mean they get to be rude or disrespectful,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Someone [really] yelled G-Eazy at a Halsey concert and she [really] popped off and said they could leave [because] she won’t be disrespected at her own concert, whew what a woman,” another fan tweeted.

Halsey and G-Eazy (real name: Gerald Earl Gillum) dated for about a year from August 2017 until they announced their split in July 2018. Since then, they have each moved on and starting dating other people, so it’s understandable that Halsey was not happy with fans bringing up the past.

Hours after the concert, Halsey took to her Instagram Story to seemingly address the incident and defend herself in a statement. “Don’t ever let someone make [you] feel crazy or unhinged cause [you’re] a woman standing up for [yourself],” she wrote. “Don’t tolerate disrespect in the name of being ‘nice.’ Love [you].”

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