Chrisley Knows Best star Grayson Chrisley gave fans a health update following his car accident and subsequent hospitalization

“I’m fine. The truck’s not fine, but I am fine,” Grayson, 16, said on sister Savannah Chrisley’s “Unlocked” podcast on Wednesday, December 7. “But it was bad, it was really, really bad.” 

Nevertheless, the reality TV star joked about how he made headlines for his auto mishap, saying, “They made it sound like I died. It was like, ‘Grayson Chrisley badly injured in a car wreck’ and I was like, ‘Bro I’m fine.’”

On November 12, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department confirmed to In Touch that Grayson was involved in a car accident. 

The crash happened on the 1-65 highway in Nashville after Grayson drove his Ford F-150 into the back of a Dodge pickup truck that was stopped in standstill traffic, TMZ reported. Grayson was injured in the collision and was hospitalized.

The outlet reported that cops on the scene asked for Grayson’s version of events, which he could not recall due to a possible head injury. The other driver involved in the accident suffered injuries but refused medical attention. At this time, TMZ reports that no charges, arrests or citations have been issued. 

During the Tuesday, November 29, episode of her podcast “Unlocked,” Grayson’s sister Savannah Chrisley shared an update of how he was doing following the accident. “He’s OK,” she shared. “He’s beat up, but he’s OK. It could’ve been worse, so thank the good Lord above.”

News of Grayson’s car accident took place just days before his parents, Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley, were sentenced to 12 and seven years in prison after they were found guilty in their tax evasion case. Additionally, they both received 16 months of probation.

Peter Tarantino, the couple’s former accountant, was also found guilty of willfully filing false tax returns and one count of conspiracy to defraud the government. He was sentenced to serve three years in prison.

The Bravo couple is currently on house arrest and if given the maximum sentence, could face up to 30 years behind bars. 

After the guilty verdict was revealed, fans wondered what would happen to their two underaged children who remain in their custody, Grayson and their 9-year-old granddaughter Chloe, if both were sentenced to prison. 

“Depending on the family availability, sometimes, the kids will be raised by close family members if both parents receive prison time,” former federal prosecutor David Haas exclusively told In Touch in June. 

Todd, 53, has said that Grayson is “sensitive” following the guilty verdict and while the parents tried to shield their youngest son from the negative social media chatter online, he added there “has been some of those comments, and it does hurt [Grayson’s] feelings.”

“We’ve dealt with so much negative press here lately, and we’ve had negative press before, but not like we’ve had here since the verdict,” the former reality TV star added.

The pair initially broke their silence after they were found guilty of fraud charges, with the couple’s lawyer saying in a statement to Us Weekly, “Disappointed in the verdict. An appeal is planned.”

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