The Innovative Lashes Your Makeup Routine Is Missing

You’ve got your eyebrow gel, your eyelid primer, your eyeshadow, liquid liner, eyelash curler, not to mention your massive eyeshadow palette… it’s like you could fill an entire closet with JUST eye makeup accessories. So wouldn’t it be nice to cut one piece out of the equation? Now you can, with Glamnetic magnetic eyelashes. That’s right, go ahead and throw that sticky, harmful eyelash glue in the trash. 

False eyelashes can be such a pain to apply. Lash glue often makes a mess, and it can be difficult to gauge the correct amount of eyelash glue that should be applied to your lash line. Then, it’s hard to know how long to wait in order for the glue to dry properly. Worst of all, placing the lashes on your lash line without making them look crooked or uneven takes a whole new set of skills. It’s exhausting!

Why Glamnetic Is the Difference You Need

It makes sense that Glamnetic lashes are people’s top alternative to those finicky glue-on eyelashes. An easy, modern alternative to fussy traditional lashes might be just the change you need in your 2021 beauty routine. The magically magnetic, removable eyelashes stay in place by anchoring to the magnetic eyeliner! These lashes actually utilize tiny magnets along the lash line that perfectly adhere to the little magnetic particles in the groundbreaking eyeliner—which also just so happens to be eye-safe. 

You no longer have to deal with a messy tube of eyelash glue that’s out to wreck your natural lashes. Just put on two layers of eyeliner, as you would normally, and watch the magnets get to work. It takes less than a minute to apply the magnetic eyelashes, and the magnetic eyeliner keeps your lashes nice and secure all day. Plus, Glamnetic lashes last a lot longer than traditional false lashes. They’re truly one-of-a-kind. 

Believe it or not, Glamnetic lashes are waterproof. They’re also latex and paraben-free. They’re easy to apply at home, and Glamnetic offers so many lash options, you’ll want to try them all. That’s probably why all kinds of influencers and celebrities, from Doja Cat and Christina Milian to some of your favorites from The Bachelor like Cassie Randolph, rave about Glamnetic. They’ve made these spectacular lashes a part of their regular daily makeup routines, and now, so can you. 

Check out the wide variety of Glamnetic eyelashes and see what a difference they can make in your beauty routine by ordering your first pair today.

The Huge Selection of Gorgeous Glamnetic Lashes Makes You Want To Try Them All

Creating luscious, va-va-voom eyes shouldn’t take all day. That’s why applying magnetic false eyelashes is the easiest step toward dynamic, movie star eyes. Magnetic lashes provide the same drama as eyelash extensions do but without having to spend all that time at a professional salon. 

Ever since Glamnetic introduced its 6-magnet lash, the company has continued to improve the product line with every single order. In fact, perhaps the hardest part of taking your first step into the elegant world of magnetic eyelashes is choosing which set is going to work best for you. 

They’re so easy to apply that you can easily have one set for daytime and one for your evening activities. To make the selection process a bit easier, Glamnetic offers a Lash Guide to help you find the best lash based on length, shape, and style. You’ll also see accompanying photos so you can see what they’ll look like out in the real world, and you can start planning all the amazing eye looks that you’ll be rocking.

Material Matters: Mink or Synthetic

When it comes to lash materials, mink is definitely one of the most popular since it creates natural-looking, luxurious-feeling false eyelashes. The material is soft and fluffy, and it’ll never feel like a heavy, unwanted nuisance. Real mink lashes look just like natural eyelashes, except they have the length and volume that you need for that flirtatious flair. 

Of course, if you’re not comfortable wearing mink, Glamnetic offers faux mink magnetic lashes made from synthetic material. The faux mink is super soft, too, and it looks and feels just as good, if not better than, the real thing. Be careful—these lashes might just fool you.

Add a Pop of Color With Bright and Brilliant Magnetic Lashes

Go ahead and take a fashion risk with Glamnetic’s non-traditional colors. There are natural eyelash colors like black and dark brown, of course, which are stunning, but when you REALLY want to make a splash, Glamnetic’s on point with a fierce selection of unicorn shades for thatinspired style. These lashes come in exciting, vibrant hues like pink, purple, and even rainbow. They’re ideal for fun nights out with your crew or a romantic meet-cute in the champagne room. 

Whether you’re a false eyelash newbie or you were basically born with a set of high-flutter falsies, it’s time to give magnetic lashes a try. Snag your first pair today

What’s The Real Story Behind Glamnetic and Their Revolutionary Lashes?

The story of Glamnetic is a tale of the American dream. The founder, Ann McFerran, was born in Thailand. She and her family immigrated to the United States when Ann was seven. As she was raised in a mostly white neighborhood, Ann frequently felt a bit insecure about her appearance; particularly, she didn’t like her thin eyelashes. After watching tutorials and learning the ins and outs of makeup, it became her go-to medium for self-expression. It was her art. Makeup helped Ann feel confident and know herself a little bit better. 

Ann originally planned to have a career in medicine. She excitedly applied to UCLA and was pleased when she got accepted. Ann chose to take on science as her major and eventually pursue medicine. Her career path was clear, her future was set, but pretty soon, Ann missed having art in her life. She missed having a creative outlet. 

That’s when Ann decided to go in a completely different direction. She realized that her passion was beauty. She quickly figured out a way to utilize the background she had in science while still pursuing her love of art. She was then able to work her way up in the business of product development. 

While working as a product developer, Ann realized there was a gaping hole in the eyelash industry, so she set out to produce her own line of magnetic eyelashes, and the rest is history! Previously, no one had developed easy-to-apply, high-quality, magnetic eyelashes that really work and look as fashionable as glue-on lashes. Working from her modest apartment in L.A., with just a few thousand dollars, Ann found a way to grow Glamnetic into a respected beauty brand in under one year. 

Glamnetic is a company that believes beauty should be accessible, effortless, and fun for everyone. That goal is accomplished by creating innovative and sustainable products. The pure passion for beauty can be seen in every unique item they carry. 

Glamnetic is dedicated to their customers. As a customer herself, Ann listens to and values customer feedback in order to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation every day.

The Innovative Lashes Your Makeup Routine Is Missing

Once You’ve Tried Magnetic Eyelashes, There’s Just No Going Back

For your convenience, Glamnetic has put together perfectly compact eyelash kits that include two or three of the most luxurious, top-selling lashes you could ever ask for. These adorable little kits also include the magnetic eyeliner you need for the application process as an added perk. The kits are a great way to test out a few different styles until you find your eyelash groove or as a starting step in building a lash collection that you can really be proud of. 

Glamnetic offers such an amazing variety of exciting lash options that it’s sometimes difficult to choose the right lashes for you. Fortunately, customers can shop by:

  • Lash material: Mink or vegan. 
  • Lash length: Long, medium, or natural. 
  • Style and shape: 
    • Round (Equal length lashes all around the eye). 
    • Cat-eye (Longer on the outside, shorter on the inside).
    • Wispy (Varied lengths for a more natural look).

There’s also a helpful mini quiz that customers can take to discover the very best lashes for whatever occasion. The quiz asks about the customer’s makeup experience and also takes eye shape into account (almond, round, hooded, or monolid). Glamnetic does their best to help their customers select the perfect set of eyelashes, all the way down to their 100% money back guarantee. 

Looking to Add More to Your Collection Than Just Lashes? Glamnetic Has You Covered.

Other products offered by Glamnetic include press-on nails in a wide variety of colors and shapes like long, medium, or short and almond-shaped or coffin-shaped. There are also multi-packs of press-on nails for those looking to bundle and save. Glamnetic carries lash and brow scissors, makeup remover pens, handheld mirrors, makeup bags, lash applicators, eyelash curlers, eyelash combs, compact mirrors, makeup remover cloths, swabs, and pads, nail glue, and face masks. Is your head spinning yet? Plus, every item offered by Glamnetic is sure to meet their high-quality standard. 

New customers can get 10% off the first order when you join Glamnetic’s email list. Orders over $30 can take advantage of free shipping.

Now is the time to treat yourself to truly unique false lashes that make you look and feel like a VIP. Click here to get started on the ultimate eyelash journey, and you’ll be turning heads in no time.

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