Ah Twitter, all the drama you have bought us. We love you for giving us many of celebrity feuds and insight into the minds of world leaders, artists, and drama queens alike. But we also love to reminisce on some of the absurd and hilarious things our favorite A-Listers tweeted way-back-when. We've saved you the time and energy of scrolling back and compiled some of the best celebrity tweets you'd definitely forgotten about.

1. This deep and philosophical question from Kim Kardashian:

If you're reading this Kim, the answer is yes (about 24 grams per cup to be precise.)

2. And this special secret talent:

Guess she doesn't need to go to the dentist then.

3. A fun look inside Britney Spears's thought process:

When we think about global warming, our next stop is Lady Gaga, too. Because of course.

4. What did Justin Bieber want in 2009?:

They were simpler times.

5. Rihanna kind of flirting with The Biebs:

Our real question is, why was JB casually flashing his bare chest in a restaurant?

6. Harry Styles knew what was trendy in 2011:

Because they never go out of style.

7. Ed Sheeran asking the questions that count:

What kind of water had you been drinking, Ed?

8. Taylor Swift expressing some pretty different feelings for Katy Perry:


Before there was any bad blood.

9. Paris Hilton helping us to stay in contact with her:

Thank goodness we had all three of her iPhones on speed dial.

10. And finally, this gem from Shaq:

Wow. There are no words.

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