A former housekeeper who worked for Kardashians has spoken out. And after hearing all the family’s dirty little — well, actually, mostly clean — secrets, our minds are made up about one thing: We’re so grateful we don’t work for the famous family!

Surprisingly, the former housekeeper had a lot to say about the oldest sister, Kourtney —calling her “by far the most rude and unappreciative person in the family” and “a total neat freak.”

“Kourtney was really overprotective of her kids she always was asking the babysitters what they were up to and micromanaging them,” the housekeeper dishes. “I could tell it was hard for her to let them do their jobs.”


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And while some may say that’s just being a doting mother — her demands escalated from there.

“Once Kourtney told everyone in the house that no one was allowed to wear perfume anymore because she didn’t like the smell,” the housekeeper says.

“She was crazy, she was always looking for ways to save money, which was really annoying because of how rich they are. One time she called two different grocery stores to compare the price of a chicken breast. Who does that?”

Hey — the rich aren’t going to get richer by shopping blindly, right?

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Just as you suspected — *Khloé *is the most fun member of the famous family. “She loves to play practical jokes, especially on Kim. She would hide her clothes and shoes and Kim would panic. Khloé would think it was the funniest thing,” the housekeeper reveals.

“She couldn’t handle that Kim would just leave her clothes on the floor for someone to pick up. She thought her sister was a slob.”

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Unsurprisingly, the housekeeper also says that Scott Disick was “a complete and utter mess” and that whenever family matriarch Kris Jenner was around, “She was the life of the party.”

Lord Disick was “constantly drunk and would leave empty bottles of alcohol over the place,” the source says of the father-of-three.

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Perhaps the most surprising revelation the housekeeper had was about the family’s most famous member, Kim.

The housekeeper tells ‘Radar Online‘ that the 34-year-old was “extremely humble and down-to-earth while the housekeepers would clean her room.

“Kim would sit and chat with them and she was generous. One time she gifted someone on her staff a computer for Christmas. It was awesome and so kind. She was the only one out of the three to give anyone helping out any gifts.”

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