Fans are divided over Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines decision to pair with Target for a new home decor line. While some are counting down the days until they can own pieces hand-picked from the HGTV stars, others are calling them sell-outs in their decision to pair with the brand that has a transgender friendly bathroom policy. Since they’ve been open about their Christian values in the past, many consider this a betrayal of their conservative followers.

“We were disappointed to see the Gaines family teaming up with Target given Target proudly announced they were welcoming men into women’s restrooms and changing areas,” American Family Association, which spearheaded a boycott of Target, president Tim Wildmon exclusively tells In Touch. “We wish them well in their endeavors, but this was a big mistake in our view.”

But, what do their fans have to say about their new business decision? Some are excited, but others are pledging to stop supporting Chip and Joanna altogether. “Why Target? I
thought you guys were Christians? How can you justify this decision? Looks like you chose money over Christ. Sad and disappointing,” one former fan wrote on Twitter. Another added, “How
about partnering with and building up another Christian-run business, for example, Hobby Lobby?”

However, with every fan, they lose it’s safe to guess that they will gain two more. Target is one of the top 100 brands in the nation (for a reason). They not only sell an array of products for affordable prices, they’re also a brand that screams inclusivity and diversity which many fans value just as much as religion.

“Can’t wait to browse the collection. Keep up the great work,” a supportive fan tweeted. An-
other noted that the prices were inexpensive and some proceeds go to help disadvantaged children. “Could they be more perfect?” the supporter wrote. As for Chip and Joanna? They recently revealed that they are ending Fixer Upper in order to pursue new opportunities. So, we’re sure they have a lot of surprises in store for fans.

“Thank you all for watching, caring and cheering us on these past few years,” Joanna wrote on Instagram. “We are overwhelmed by your support and your kindness. You have become a part of our story forever.” Chip added, “With our friends, our family and with the people we do business with, we are serious about continually finding common ground.”

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