This is the cutest! Jinger Duggar posted a new photo of her baby daughter, Felicity Vuolo, on Instagram, but this time she isn’t being cradled by either of her parents in the shot. Instead, three of her Duggar uncles are featured in the photo, and seem to genuinely be enjoying their tiny niece’s presence.

“Quality time with Uncles Justin, Jed, & Jase,” Jinger captioned the photo, referring to her brothers JustinJedidiah, and Jason DuggarAll three boys are smiling down at Felicity in the photo, and the wide-eyed little girl is gazing right back, controversial head wrap and all.

It’s not totally clear where the Duggar boys and Felicity are in this photo; after all, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo live down in Texas, and the Duggars hail from Arkansas. But John David Duggar just got married on Nov. 3, and it’s very likely that the Vuolos and the Duggars spent lots of “quality time” together in preparation for the event and during the wedding itself. John David marrying Abbie Burnett would have offered the perfect opportunity for the family to spend some time together, and for Felicity to hang around her many, many aunts and uncles.

In fact, not long before Jinger shared that super sweet photo of Felicity with Justin, Jedidiah, and Jason, she also posted the photo above, where Jinger and Felicity are posed with one of Jinger’s many sisters, Johannah, who is also one of the many aunts Felicity has in her life. That baby girl has no shortage of them, since Jinger is famously one of 19 children featured on the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting, Counting On, and other shows and specials featuring the super-sized Duggar family.

Felicity is only about 3 months old, and she’s already been on all sorts of adventures and had lots of chances to hang out with people, including her countless Duggar relatives. In recent weeks, Jinger and Jeremy have been posting photos of their little family visiting places like Chicago and The Alamo. So it’s kind of nice that in all their travels and with all the craziness that’s likely involved in the Duggar life, the Vuolos were able to slow down enough so that Felicity could spend some time with a few of her uncles, who seemed delighted to have the opportunity to hang out with her.

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