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Photos of pouty lips, exaggerated curves, action figure-worthy six-packs and glowing, blemish-free skin (#nofilter) flood our social media timelines as we keep up with our favorite celebs. Our social media feeds chronicle our favorite celebs’ self-improvements and the trends their beauty tweaks set. The result? Trending cosmetic procedures rise to the top of our to-do lists.

For those who strive to look and feel as desirable as todays’ favorite stars. there’s good news: these cherished looks are not only accessible but easily achievable. Best of all, looking paparazzi-ready is just a click away.

Goals® Plastic Surgery, an industry leader in aesthetic medicine, cosmetic surgery and body contouring, now offers patients their first consultation at no cost.

In Touch spoke with Goals® Plastic Surgery founder and CEO, Dr. Sergey Voskin, about the top non-surgical trends today’s beauty tastemakers and fashion influencers are getting in time for New York Fashion Week.

Goals Plastic Surgery

1. FOR ROUNDER, FULLER BUTTOCKS: Dermal Filler Butt Injections

Dermal fillers and collagen-stimulating injectables create more contoured or fuller buttocks. This is a non-surgical alternative to gluteal enhancement with immediate results and no downtime. Results can last between two and four years.

2.  FOR SMOOTHER, TIGHTER SKIN: Carboxytherapy and Skin Tightening Laser Treatments

Since Kim Kardashian openly admitted to getting Carboxytherapy (in August of 2022) and Morpheus laser skin tightening for her abdomen, the procedures have earned their reputation as a game-changer. For those looking to firm and tighten aging and sagging skin, this is the new frontier. Carboxytherapy is considered revolutionary, it is remarkably effective as a non-surgical treatment to help improve the appearance of stretch marks and as a regenerative therapy for aging tissue.  Generally, these treatments are done on the face, neck, arms, abdomen and/or legs. Additionally, it helps improve the post-operative healing process. Most patients notice a difference immediately; their skin becomes smoother due to increased blood circulation and the stimulation of new collagen production. Results can last up to six months.

3. TO SLIM AND CONTOUR: Lipotropic shots

Different from fat transfer, these shots are designed to slim, contour and complement other weight loss efforts. The painless injections contain vitamin B6 and/or B12. When paired with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine, the results are promising. Speaking with the team at Goals Plastic Surgery, consisting of all double-and triple-board certified doctors, they usually recommend several weeks of injections.

4. FOR SKIN REJUVENATION: Vampire Facial and Skin Lightening

These non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures are perfect as the summer ends and autumn arrives.  They eliminate sunspots and any skin discoloration.  Skin lightening is an effective way to even out pigmentation, which means renewed confidence for those who hide their armpits or other discolored areas. Kim is a great example of rejuvenating her skin with a Vampire Facial, which stimulates collagen regrowth with platelet-rich plasma (known as PRP) accompanied by a series of laser treatments.

5. FOR CELLULITE REDUCTION: Ozone Therapy and Body Cupping

Not only can this treatment help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it can also improve the results of a butt or hip fat transfer as it stimulates the fat, causing it to grow.


Goals® Plastic Surgery is not just another plastic surgery practice, it’s more than that; it’s a lifestyle and a beautiful community where we take pride in successfully transforming the lives of so many patients who come to us from all corners of the world.

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