New York Times best-selling author Farrah Abraham (seriously… we won’t stop saying that until it feels real) is well on her way to becoming one of the most prolific and diverse writers of our time.

First, she published her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended in 2012. Up next, she has Celebrity Sex Tape, a series of erotic novels “based loosely on her life.”

And now the 22-year-old is opening up about her next writing assignment—a parenting book inspired by Farrah’s Christian faith.

Farrah Abraham Declares She’s Not a Porn Star —Just a Sex Symbol

Yes, you read that right. We’ll give it another moment to sink in.

“I have to say faith is a big part of my life. I’m not perfect that’s just life. There really is no perfect Christian,” she said.

“I go to church as often as possible and I have great Christian friends — and those aren’t the ones who say they’re Christian and then act like other…”

farrah abraham and sophia

Farrah goes on to explain her parents didn’t push her to be particularly religious, rather she discovered her spirituality on her own and hopes to recreate the experience for others.

“If I could say that through a type of Christian parenting book, I think that’s something that wouldn’t hurt them, it would help them and their children,” she explained.

“It would give them a kind of support and guide to use throughout their journey in life together and I would just be happy to share that.”

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Farrah also revealed she has plans to expand her growing library.

“I’m just continuing working on more books, like going into paranormal… I’m truly growing myself as an author,” she told Starcasm.

“I want to be very good at my imagination and then fiction writing just something I’m pretty proud of now.”

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