‘Fantasy Island’ and 10 Horror Movies to Invoke Pure Terror Into Your Valentine’s Day, Hehe

Love can be literally terrifying — whether or not you’re into horror movies. But the nice thing about our favorite gruesome yet romance-centric on-screen exploits, interestingly enough, is that they answer the age-old question in the game of love: “How crazy could it possibly get?” Valentine’s Day is a great time to curl up with bae and throw on a few scary movies to prove that you guys have it easy, that you’d never leave them if they turned into a horrific creature or even that you would never give them a terrifying pseudo-STD that would follow them forever until it killed them. Long story short, watching one of these Valentine’s Day horror movies might actually save your relationship … so allow us to list all the best ones for your binge-watch on the 14th. Scroll through the gallery to see our list of the best Valentine’s Day horror movies to fear and love, including Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island.

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