Many companies today are taking steps to provide more to their customers and join the movement to become more sustainable businesses. This push has given way to many innovative brands offering new solutions to daily challenges and routines. Never before has the market had more consumer and environmentally friendly products available from toothpaste to underwear. Let’s take a look at some brands that are becoming fan favorites this year, and likely years to come! 

Bite Toothpaste 

At Bite, we’re becoming a fast fan favorite in oral hygiene. Our products are unique because of our commitment to reducing plastic waste and toxic chemicals in oral hygiene products. Everything we send you comes in recyclable and plastic free containers! 

Lindsay McCormick, Founder and CEO Bite


June Shine

At June Shine, we make hard kombucha drinks with completely natural and transparent ingredients. What makes us standout as a fan favorite, other than our delicious drinks, is that we are a proudly carbon neutral company. We take pride in practicing daily habits like composting and recycling to reduce our footprint on our planet. 

Justin Chan, Growth Manager JuneShine


Telehealth is becoming more and more popular among human patients, which is why Pawp has quickly become a consumer favorite when it comes to telehealth for your pet. We offer services ranging from behavioral training to virtual vet visits for an extremely affordable price for all pet parents. 

Marc Atiyeh, CEO Pawp


At Winona, we believe that women need care options that empower them and recognize that every woman is different. We’re committed to providing supplements and skin care catered to the unique issues that arise with aging. 

Nancy Belcher, CEO Winona



Our weighted blankets at Bearaby are uniquely hand woven and designed to ease anxiety and insomnia. We’re quickly becoming fan favorites because of our woven TENCEL made from eucalyptus fabric and commitment to restful sleep using medicinal tools with no pills. 

Dr. Kathrin Hamm, Founder and CEO Bearaby

Culprit Underwear 

At Culprit Underwear we’re excited to be offering a comfortable and sexy looking product to our customers. Underwear is the most important garment we wear every day and we believe it should make you feel great when you put it on in the morning. That’s why Culprit is becoming a big fan favorite this year. 

Dylan Trussell, Co-Founder Culprit Underwear


Brooklyn Candle Studios 

Candles, diffusers and home scented products can be hit or miss and are often made with toxic ingredients. At Brooklyn Candle Studios, we are proud to produce 100% soy wax candles with a sleek and modern design to all our products. We strive to create home accessories that are both aesthetically pleasing and create a calming atmosphere. 

Tamara Mayne, Founder Brooklyn Candle Studio

Healist Naturals 

The CBD industry is a tough one to navigate and at Healist Naturals, we believe in providing products that use science and nature to unlock the real potentials of these compounds. Our products push CBD to its full potential and deliver what we say they do! 

Sarah Pirrie, Brand Director Healist Naturals


Our customized skin care products have become hugely popular over the last few years. Our simple formulas and routines take the guesswork out of skincare and keeps your skin looking fresh and natural. With our subscription, you can adjust your order to fit your skincare needs at any time. We believe that taking care of your skin should be a joyful experience rather than a stressful and unproductive one. 

David Lortscher, CEO Curology


Package Free Shop 

With our curated care kits, we take pride in offering no wasteful packaging when you order from us. We’re committed to making a difference in our collective footprint on the environment, and it starts with each one of us. All of the products included in our kits are from companies that share our value in sustainability and are carefully curated to ensure our customers are getting the best quality products made with the best quality ingredients. 

Lauren Singer, Founder Package Free Shop

Sustainability, transparency and accountability are all at the heart of each of these brands’ ethos. That’s what makes them fan favorites this year, along with their amazing products and services. Consumers are becoming more in tune with what the businesses they support are doing to help make a difference in the world. Either through means of sustainability or providing a product that solves a major problem such as toxic ingredients in supplements.

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