In 2011, Andrew Lewis signed legal papers giving full custody of his baby son, Jace (now 3), to his ex, Teen Mom 2 cast member Jenelle Evans, 21, and her mother, Barbara.
But now Andrew tells In Touch he’s being barred from seeing the toddler— and he’s fighting mad. “I didn’t know how permanent it would be,” he explains, adding that between Jenelle’s alleged drug use and rehab stints (most recently in November), he’s worried Jace is being raised in an unhealthy environment. “This is the right time for me to get involved.”
Andrew also tells In Touch that he has tried to play a role in his son’s life since day one. “I contacted Barbara, I contacted Jenelle, they would never tell me anything about him,” he says. “A year ago, I contacted Barbara out of the blue. I said ‘Hey Barbara, how are you, how’s Jace? And I was thinking about coming to visit, is it okay?’ She said ‘no’, and that’s it.”

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And according to Andrew, Jenelle’s merry-go-round of boyfriends is doing nothing but confusing Jace about his family situation.

“She’s confusing her own child,” Andrew says of Jenelle’s love life. “One moment she’s with this guy, next moment she’s with that guy, next moment she’s with this guy. You’re confusing your own son.’ Why would you want to do that?”

But Andrew's not the only one speaking out against his ex. On the Feb. 11 Teen Mom reunion, Jenelle told Dr. Drew, "Andrew's an abusive alcoholic. Andrew even admitted on camera how he used to abuse me while he was drunk." And after he admitted to the abuse, he added, “I don't care. That was the past. I already done that. That's over with."

It sounds like their feuding is far from over. Who do you think is the best fit parent for little Jace?

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