Every once in a while, the internet gets together and rallies behind a hidden gem of a brand.

Those yoga pants that lifted our butt? Saw it, bought it.

That hairdryer that curls your hair without heat? Got it, love it.

Those freckle pens that give you the cutest specks without the sun damage? You know we got it.

Tik Tok and Instagram are the watering holes of the internet. They’re where everyone gets together and shares experiences, jokes, and tips for reaching your best self. They’re also where we usually discover our favorite brands.

We don’t know how the algorithm is so smart, but we’re starting to think it knows us a little too well… TBH, as long as their recommendations stay this good, that’s a-ok with us.

Case in point: Recently, we stumbled across a brand called Nailboo. Our FYP is swarmed with people showing off their perfect at-home manicures and talking about how easy Nailboo is to use.

But what is Nailboo? How does it work, and why is everyone talking about it?

We’ve got all these deets and more on this game-changing at-home manicure kit.

If you’re already ready to take the plunge, shop Nailboo’s 60+ colors here.

What Is Nailboo and Why Is Everyone Obsessed?

Is a flawless, professional-quality at-home manicure even possible? Before Nailboo, we weren’t convinced.

In the past, when we tried to DIY our manis, our left hand might look okay — but as soon as we attempted our right hand, it always looked a little… off.

We had accepted that a salon trip would always be necessary for a smooth and polished manicure, even if it broke the bank.

Enter, Nailboo.

Nailboo is a brand of dip powder kits that couldn’t be easier to use. Never heard of dip powder? It’s a new and innovative way to achieve a painted-nail look without actually painting your nail.

Instead, you dip your nail into a colored powder and apply a thin layer of clear liquid over it, sealing in the hue for way longer than a standard manicure.

There are a number of dip powder brands out there, but it’s clear why Nailboo is getting the most buzz. It offers an incredible selection of colors, breaks down the powder process to a simple science, and provides some of the best nail inspo we’ve ever seen.

People at all levels of nail artistry are creating professional-looking manicures without ever leaving their houses. After the last couple of years, that’s an idea we can really get behind.

Read more about Nailboo’s formula and how it works on their website today!

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10 Reasons Why Nailboo Is Sweeping the Nation

It’s time to go deep on Nailboo and figure out why everyone is so obsessed with the at-home manicure and pedicure brand.

Reason #1: It’s So Easy To Use

If you’re used to polish, powder kits may seem like an entirely new still to tackle. Our take? There’s no need to stress. Nailboo makes it so simple to achieve their perfect manicures.

All you need to do is follow their instructions or watch one of their many tutorial videos online. It’s a few more steps than just painting your nails, but the difference is noticeable.

The base layer and build powder attract the color, then dipping your finger in the powder allows for an even, consistent coat on every nail. Adding the top layer gives it that immediate sheen and durability — but more on that later.

Reason #2: It Leaves You With a Perfect Manicure, Every Time

It’s pretty rare to walk out of a salon with a perfect manicure — and it was even rarer to get one at home. Thanks to Nailboo, we no longer have to settle for less than perfection.

Because there’s no paint involved, Nailboo’s dip kits basically guarantee a professional, high-quality result when we follow their instructions.

All we need to do is file, push our cuticles down, and watch magic happen when we dip our fingers into the powder and apply the activation liquid on top.

A flawless manicure in minutes? Sign us up.

Reason #3: It Saves Time

Yes, we said minutes. Look, we love the nail salon as much as anyone else, but let’s be honest: We don’t have time for that.

Between all the waiting, the processing, and the drying, going to the salon can be a serious chore, eating into free time that we’d rather spend doing anything else.

Nailboo is quick and convenient, so you can reclaim that time you were spending at the salon and use it for something else, like finding an outfit that matches your nails.

Reason #4: It Saves Money

There are serious perks to doing your nails at home. Still, the biggest one is probably the amount of money you’ll save.

Think about how much cash you’ve spent at the salon in the last year. Think about the add-ons, the acrylics, the tips. It’s a habit that gets pricey, fast. You’ll get that spending money back even faster with Nailboo.

Each jar of Nailboo’s dip powders — which range from $14 to $24 — includes up to thirty manicures. So yeah, you do the math.

Reason #5: It Lasts and Lasts

On that note, you won’t actually need to replenish your supply of Nailboo’s powders too often because these manicures last a long, long time. No chipping and no smudging here.

And when we say a long time, we mean a long time: Nailboo’s manicures and pedicures last from three to six weeks. Yes, you read that right — you can rock a perfect set of nails for over a month with Nailboo.

Reason #6: It’s Got The Best Color Selection

Nailboo isn’t the only dip powder nail kit brand out there, but it is the one with the best color selection.

They’ve got sparkly powders, matte powders, pastels, neons — you name it. And they just keep getting better. The brand is constantly coming up with new colors to try. Building your Nailboo color collection will become your new favorite pastime.

Reason #7: It’s Great to Experiment With

We’re not exactly talented nail artists (yet!), but we love to challenge ourselves and create something surprising and eye-catching. Given how easy it is to apply color with Nailboo’s dips, there’s lots of room to experiment and get creative.

Nailboo’s website and Instagram page also include loads of tutorials and inspiration so that you can embrace the nail artist inside of you.

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Reason #8: It’s Easy To Remove Without Damage

We love a long-lasting manicure, but sometimes we want a fresh start. Feel the same? You might be wondering about the removal process with Nailboo.

Here’s the overview: Easy and breezy.

Nailboo’s powders come off quickly and effortlessly, thanks to their remover clips, which come standard in all of their dip kits. Simply file down the nail to remove the powder, dip cotton balls into acetone and place on your fingers, clip into place, and voila! Twenty minutes later, your nails are clean, fresh, and strong.

Nailboo doesn’t damage your nails, so you never need to take a break from clean, polished, and perfect claws.

Reason #9: It’s Committed to Cruelty-Free Products

Okay, so Nailboo doesn’t damage your nails — and they don’t damage anything else, either.

The brand is totally committed to developing cruelty-free and vegan formulas, so you can feel good about the brand you’re supporting every time you take a dip.

Reason #10: It’s Got A Die Hard Fanbase

Word of mouth is powerful. In Nailboo’s case, there’s a fanbase of thousands and thousands singing its praises. After all, we first noticed the brand after hearing from so many people who swear by it.

The website is jam-packed with five-star reviews from happy customers who have said goodbye to the nail salon forever. There’s really no need to go if you can get such a quality, long-lasting result at home.

Read Nailboo’s many five-star reviews on their famous dip kits here.

Thinking About Trying Nailboo? Last Thoughts

Nailboo offers all the best parts about getting a manicure and none of the worst. You can choose from 60+ colors, get a flawless manicure in minutes without waiting for it to dry, and enjoy it for weeks on end.

What’s more, the brand also has an awesome Spa Collection with hand and foot skincare for a little extra TLC.

Check out Nailboo’s products Dream Hands, Dream Feet, and Cuticle Milk on their site here.

Bottom line? Beautiful, even manicures are totally achievable at home now, thanks to Nailboo. Go try it out, and don’t forget to send us pictures!

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