Jack Wagner and partner Anna Trebunskaya failed to wow Dancing With the Stars viewers with their samba on Monday night, leading to their elimination. But in a shocking turn of events, Jack announced in his pre-performance video that his long-lost daughter, Kerry, had finally found him. Anna told In Touch, “She’s very strong and courageous. The whole story, there’s so much courage. So I’m glad that Jack picked that story, because to start off the show with so much courage and a happy celebratory thing was fantastic. I’m really very proud of him because it is difficult.”

Jack even revealed how he’s been trying to bond with Kerry. “It was very intense at the beginning," he explained. "We shared a lot of things for about three or four solid days. And from that point on, I realized in order to parent her, I had to step back. I can’t tell her what to do. She’s a 23-year-old girl — if she needs or wants something, my advice, she’ll ask. So that’s kind of how I’m rolling with this.”

Although Jack has been eliminated, this may not be the end of dancing for him, considering his daughter is a professional dancer! “She’s a ballroom dancer! She came to a rehearsal and she goes, ‘You gotta work on your arms, Dad — your arms are too low, the guys' arms are up here!’”

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