Is this a brilliant discovery, or totally crazy? A Great Falls policeman named John Cameron has become convinced that one man — a now-deceased serial killer named Edward Edwards — could be responsible for some of the most notorious unsolved slayings of American history, from JonBenét Ramsey to Black Dahlia. All of his evidence will be revealed in a six-part docuseries called It Was Him: The Many Murders of Edward Edwards, to premiere on the Paramount Network tonight at 10 p.m.. But who exactly is Ed Edwards — and how could he have gotten away with such infamous crimes?

Who is Ed Edwards?

Edwards was born in Akron, OH in 1933, and he reportedly had a troubled childhood. According to the documentary, his mother committed suicide when Edwards was two years old, and he was placed in an orphanage — where he was the subject of bullying.

ABC News reports that Edwards escaped from jail in 1955 by pushing past a guard, and in 1961, he was placed on the FBI's Most-Wanted list for alleged "unlawful interstate flight to avoid confinement after a robbery conviction." He was arrested one year later but was released on parole after five years. He married a woman named Kay, with whom he had five children.

Who did Ed Edwards allegedly murder?

Among the list of people that John will claim Edwards killed will be JonBenét, Elizabeth Short, Teresa Halbach (who Steven Avery was convicted of killing), Laci Peterson (whose husband Scott Peterson sits in jail for her slaying), and many more. As a matter of fact, John thinks Edwards was also The Zodiac Killer. To corroborate his theory, he brought along Edwards' grandson Wayne Wolfe, who seemed to agree, saying, "He was the most brilliant serial killer in our country's history, and he was my grandfather."

But how possible is it that Edwards could be responsible for so many killings, spread all across the nation? The five murders he was convicted for were in Ohio in 1977, two people in Wisconsin in 1980, and another person in Ohio in 1996. The murders he is linked to in the documentary range from 1947, when he was just 13, to 2005, when Edwards was 72. He was arrested in 2009 and died in prison two years later in 2011 at the age of 77. So, many of the killings do fit in his active time frame, and though they take place across the country, he was known to travel to kill.

This piece of evidence shared in the series trailer is pretty compelling on its own. "If you enter Edward Edwards into the Zodiac cipher, it fits perfectly," John explains. If he has even more info like that, our ears are definitely open. We can't wait for tonight!

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