These Chilling Unsolved Murder Cases Are Legit Terrifying, and We’re Sorry for Ruining Your Day

The rise in popularity of "true crime" might seem sort of unusual, but the Internet has always had an obsession with creepy unsolved crimes. These cases usually invovle situations that are strange, eerie, or unexplained —and there's definitely nothing more unsettling than creepy unsolved mysteries. Although most people are already aware of disturbing true stories like Natalee Halloway and JonBenét Ramsey, there have been other scary murder cases that have flown under the radar and never appeared on an episode of Forensic Files.

The cases you hear about, from unsolved disappearances to creepy true stories, only make up a fraction of the crimes that are being reported. While not all the stories become tabloid news, the victims are just as deserving of the same national attention and outcry. And like most mysteries, they'll leave you with more questions than answers. Below, 11 cold cases that are simply chilling.

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