Just when you thought the eliminations couldn’t get anymore shocking, Dancing With the Stars delivered its biggest shock of the season when finals frontrunners Brandy and her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, were ousted on last night’s elimination show.

The couple, who received their first perfect score (30 out of 30) on Monday’s performance show for their tango (combined with another 27 points for their paso doble), finished third on the leaderboard with a total of 57 out of 60. However, in a season where doing well ensures going home, Brandy and Maks were no exception.

“I know I gave it everything I had and I have absolutely no regrets at all,” admitted Brandy after the news. “I am absolutely fine,” added Maks, who is known to be feisty and vocal when not happy with the show’s decisions. “This has probably been the most rewarding season for me as I didn’t just do my job as a professional, I was helping a friend.”

Brandy credits her time on the show for reviving her inner-confidence, something she lost following a fatal 2006 car accident she was involved in that took the life of one person, and giving her the strength to power forward in life. She also got to bond with fellow competitor Jennifer Grey, who went through a similar incident in 1987. “I was aware of Jennifer’s experience, but we hadn’t found a moment to connect,” revealed Brandy. “But she said to me, after watching Monday night’s package, that she felt even more connected to me and what I had gone through. It was a beautiful moment between us both. I was really happy she said that to me. I feel alone about it at times, too.”

Next Monday and Tuesday the show’s three remaining contestants, Bristol Palin, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey, will all duke it out in the finals in an attempt to take home the mirror ball trophy. And with Bristol consistently scoring low, yet making it all the way through, who will win is anyone’s guess.

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Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Eliminated: November 17

Is this a total shock for you?
I don’t know, I’m numb. It’ll probably hit me tomorrow. But I know I gave it everything I had and I have absolutely no regrets at all.

What are you most proud of about your time on the show?
I am so proud of me! I do say that humbly, and I am so proud of Maks as well. I am really tapped into a power that I thought was gone and I am so thankful for that. I do feel more confident and that I have tapped into something I lost. It feels good to feel connected to your power again and for the first time in years. I can’t wait to get back to my music and do a video where I feel a little more comfortable after DWTS. I want Maks to choreograph it, but he said he needed a months break from me. So I’ll do the album first and three months later he’ll be ready to work with me.

Maks, are you furious about the emimination?
He’s actually been fine tonight.
Maks: I am absolutely fine. Brandy taught me that when one door closes another opens and there are definitely a bunch of doors open right now. This season I have been so focused on Brandy that I didn’t really look at anyone else. This has probably been the most rewarding season for me as I didn’t just do my job as a professional, I was helping a friend. She has been phenomenal. It’s been a very challenging season and I got more support than I imagined.

Do you agree that Bristol should be in the final based on her dancing?
I agree that it’s up to the people and I embrace the fact that I am here and that America gives you opportunities. This is an example of that and I have no regrets.

We are promised a shocking elimination each week, is yours the MOST shocking?
It’s unfair for us to answer that. I think in every dancer’s mind, they think that — Tony’s elimination with Audrina was shocking, Cheryl and Rick’s was shocking. Even Mario Lopez not winning was shocking. Every season there are shocking eliminations and it has nothing to do with us, I let the people decide that.

Your package on Monday’s show was very emotional as you talked about the car accident a few years back. Were you hoping people might connect with you more after watching it?
I just hoped everyone connected from week one till now. I just wanted people to enjoy and be inspired every time we danced. I know a lot of people tweet me, and message on Facebook, all the fans seem to be inspired by what we did on the dance floor and that is the most important thing. That’s why I have no regrets and I can walk away knowing I gave this competition everything I had to give. I was trying to hold back the tears, as I was onstage ready to perform when it aired. I thought it was put together well. I got my story across and to see my family, and Whitney Houston be supportive — all that felt really good. There are a lot of people who go through hard times and feel like no one is there and I am in the same boat. I feel great about that. It’s still an unfortunate situation and a regret. To go through something like that, for everyone that was involved, it’s just so sad every time I think about it.

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