It’s that time of the year again! The heart-pounding action. The buzzer beaters. The thrills of victory and agonies of defeat. Nothing keeps the country more entertained and tuned-in than college basketball’s annual tournament in March.

NET10 Wireless is here to help you stay connected to all of the madness with its affordable and reliable phone plans. From the constant refreshing of your feed to get the latest score, to streaming the non-stop action, to keeping in touch with fellow alumni near and far, Net10 Wireless will keep you up to speed on all of the excitement.

To make sure you’re enjoying the games and making the most of the excitement, check out these fun ways to stay connected all tournament long.


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Pick A Side

Sure, maybe your alumnus didn’t make the tournament and you have no real rooting interest. But catching the action is best when you have someone to root for! Tag along with a friend, family or root for a favorite city, color or even mascot. Take a chance and root for a major underdog. Find a local bar with alumni support and join the fun. You’ll be surprised how fast you can get caught up in the madness when you have some personal investment on the line.


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Stream, Stream Anywhere

More of us are catching games on the go. Which means we need a network that’s reliable to connect us to the action as its happening. Whether that’s streaming live action or texting with our friends to stay up to date. NET10 Wireless offers a range of unlimited plans with varying amounts of high-speed data, built to fit your needs throughout the tournament and beyond. New NET10 Wireless customers can get unlimited talk, text and 15GB of data with the $50 plan – so you can stream the biggest plays, check scores-on-the-go and keep your bracket updated from the palm of your hand.

Not a Net10 Wireless subscriber? Switching to NET10 Wireless is easy. You have the option to choose from the latest smartphones or keep your current one – all without the worry of a contract or mystery fees, as well as nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks.

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Eat Your Feelings

Between the buzzer-beaters and plain ole’ beat-downs, catching the tournament can be stressful. So make sure you have plenty of foods on hand to celebrate, or simply drown away your sorrows. For some fun, try eating themed dishes or making fun beverages based on the teams playing. Watching Kansas play? Maybe order in that local BBQ joint. Got Duke blue in your veins? Perhaps try your hand at making some blue deviled eggs. Michigan Maize & Blue? Make some Blue Hawaiian’s and garnish with pineapple. Invite guests to bring dishes based on a variety of these fun themes, and it’s guaranteed to give you and your crew something to cheer about.


Join A Bracket Pool

Millions of people hop on line to fill out brackets each year. Don’t be left out. Join a group or create a group and challenge your friends. Most online bracket services are free and help keep track of your right and wrong answers while providing updated leaderboards. All you’ll need to do is make your selections, catch the action and let the bragging rights ensue.

Don’t want to join one of those popular online pools? Download our handy bracket below and keep tabs on all of your right and wrong guesses all tournament long.



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