Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Ben Affleck all have one thing in common and its not their massive size fan followings. All of these a-listers and so many others are recurring members of the “halitosis hotties,” otherwise known as the celebrities with the worst breath in hollywood.

Some of been called out after their big kissing scenes on set, others got a little too close to the media who were interviewing them at red carpet events or standalone interviews on their press tours. However they made the bad breath lists, each and everyone of them wishes they would be removed from these infamous lists that flood the internet.


SmartMouth Bottle


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, one thing seems to be top of mind right now, that romantic kiss with bae that will lead to an amazing night of romance. SmartMouth, the ONLY mouthwash that guarantees 24 hours of fresh breath with one rinse in the morning and one rinse before bed, is hoping they can spread the love when it comes to making out this year on Valentine’s Day.


All the other products available only MASK the bad breath for one hour at the most, SmartMouth actually works all day to kill the bad breath gases. Coffee breath, garlic breath, tuna breath even morning breath, say goodbye to all of these with SmartMouth. Who said you can’t buy confidence in a bottle?


In lieu of the day that has the most saliva which gets swapped all year and their new launch of their “to-go packs” in all Target stores, they are offering our readers a special coupon which can be printed here and brought into any Target store.


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