Is she ever going to leave? Despite scandal after scandal, Melania Trump has remained a tried and true wife. Question is, is it all for show? Federico Pignatelli, a close family friend of the couple, tells In Touch exclusively that it’s not. “[Melania] doesn’t want to give credibility to all these people attacking the president’s reputation,” he insists.

Those “attacks,” of course, include two highly publicized affairs. One with Stormy Daniels (Donald Trump seemingly confirmed his affair with after reimbursing his lawyer, Michael Cohen, for $130,000 in hush money paid to the porn star) and the second being, former Playboy model Karen McDougal.

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Still, Federico maintains Melania is completely unbothered. He tells In Touch that her biggest source of unhappiness is having to listen to such “nonsense.” Another source, however, has a different story to tell. The insider says that the former model “has been put through hell,” and has begun to question her marriage. Noting that she doesn’t even share a bedroom with her husband — either at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or inside their NYC penthouse. She takes her marriage vows seriously, adds the insider, but “this is not the life she wants, plain and simple.”

As for sleeping in different quarters, Federico has a rebuttal to that too. “The president doesn’t sleep as much as she sleeps, so [in order] not to disturb her, he might sleep in a different room. But that doesn’t mean anything about not being in love. It doesn’t mean you’re not united as a couple.”

Despite Federico’s assurances of Melania’s happiness, the aforementioned insider adds that her public image is just that — an image. “While Donald embarrasses her constantly, she has her own agenda,” says the insider, noting that Melania, whose approval rating has skyrocketed since January, is very conscious of the image she is cultivating. “She wants to go down in history as a first lady of quiet grace, like Jackie Kennedy, who put up with a lot but stayed the course. She’s playing the game.”

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