Mady Cara Gosselin Instagrams Jon Kate Do Too
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After the oldest Gosselin girls headed off to college, fans can’t help but wonder how they are doing. Turns out, both girls are active on Instagram, but don’t get your hopes up just yet for a Gosselin influencer. Mady and Cara might not be ready to be Insta famous like their parents, Kate and Jon Gosselin, just yet. Although they want some privacy right now, we have the inside scoop on Mady and Cara’s Instagram activity so you can follow their academic journeys. Scroll for their social media details.

Do Cara and Mady Gosselin Have Instagrams? 

It is no surprise that the more outspoken twin is public on Instagram. With 86.7k followers, Mady is on her way to #ads. On her ‘gram you can peep her enjoying college life with her new friends. Like most 18-year-olds, she loves going to music festivals and posing with yummy treats as the best props. Sometimes she even shares pictures with her famous family, like this sweet pic she posted with her two brothers from her high school graduation or this cute Mother’s Day tribute to Kate.

As for Cara, she likes to keep her social life private and we totally respect that. Mady recently spoke for her and Cara in the “College BoundKate Plus 8 special and said they just want to blend in for this new experience. “I want to be just like somebody,” she said, “I don’t want everyone to know my name and my business.” In a private interview, Joel, Aaden, Leah and Alexis seemed to think that Cara was a little more ready for the big move than Mady. Although everyone agreed that the twins are both very smart.

Mady Cara Gosselin Instagrams Jon Kate Do Too

You Can Always Count on Kate Gosselin’s Instagram for Some Cute Pics of the Fam …

If you needed another source of Gosselin family news, Kate’s Instagram is full of highlights from her brood. The 44-year-old has been showcasing her older daughters more often, which makes sense with all the exciting changes coming their way. Her latest post is a pic of the twins with the sweetest caption. “I love these kids fiercely … and I don’t apologize for my tears. Times have been so tough and so needlessly unfair for them. Despite it all, they’ve turned out to be such wonderful amazing human beings,” she wrote on Wednesday, October 2. “I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for each of them once they get away from those who have tried to destroy them versus protect them!”

… And Jon Gosselin’s Instagram for Photos of His Girlfriend Colleen, Hannah and Collin Gosselin

The 42-year-old proud dad of eight is super active on the ‘gram and we can always count on him for the inside scoop on Hannah and Collin. The two kids live with Jon full-time and the other four sextuplets reside with Kate. As his grid shows, it looks like Hannah and Collin are super happy in his care. They also have gotten close to Jon’s girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and are frequently seen vacationing as a blended family.

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