Copycat? Twitter is accusing Taylor Swift of ripping off Beyoncé’s “Party” video with her new video for “You Need to Calm Down” — and there’s some evidence.

Of course, fans couldn’t help but pull up side by side images of the two videos. One person wrote, “If Taylor Swift wants people to stop accusing her of ripping off Beyoncé, maybe she should quit ripping off Beyoncé. Her whole ‘above ground pool party in a trailer park’ vibe [copies] a lot of shots from Bey’s ‘Party’ video. This is just one example,” while another echoed, “All of the photo stills from Taylor Swift’s new music video looks like Beyoncé’s party video mixed with a lil ‘Feeling Myself’ video.” A third joined in, writing, “#Beyoncé had left over props from her ‘Party’ video … it’s nice she is letting the girls use her things.”

Beyonce Dancing in the Party Music Video

However, Swifties immediately came to the defense of the pop star, 29. One user exclaimed, “Y’all are tripping if you’re saying Taylor Swift copied Beyoncé’s ‘Party.’ Taylor didn’t just have a pool party — she literally showed off everything supporting the LGBTQ+ community and did it in a fun manner. I love Bey, but I think the Beyhive is TRIPPIN’ this time.” A second added, “Taylor Swift can’t do anything without people complaining, can she? #YNTCDvideo is perfection and not a rip of Beyoncé — sorry, you’re wrong.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time people have compared the two singers. At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in May, viewers pointed out that the blonde beauty copied Beyoncé’s Coachella performance.

The “Style” crooner opened the show with a live performance of “ME!” but many people noticed that the marching band was very similar to the 37-year-old’s performance, and they also wore similar pink outfits and sparkly boots during their respective time on stage.

Taylor Swift Wearing a Pink Fur Jacket

“Beyoncé didn’t invent the drumline, but you can’t convince me that Taylor Swift, from her early years on a Christmas tree farm, came up with this just like that. Sorry,” one person wrote at the time.

We should just take Tay’s advice and calm down, right?!

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