Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James previously faced cheating allegations from his pregnant wife, Bonnie Rotten (real name: Alaina Antoinette). The former porn star publicly claimed via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, November 30, that her husband is “busy trying to f—k other women while [she’s] pregnant.” Upon seeing her social media activity, Jesse responded in his own post the following day. Bonnie later dialed back her cheating claims in an emotional Instagram statement where she revealed she was back home with her husband. 

Keep reading to find out more about Jesse and Bonnie’s marriage and her allegations. 

Did Jesse James Cheat on His Wife Bonnie?

Bonnie shocked her Instagram followers when she came forward with photos of a sonogram, with scathing claims that Jesse was cheating on her. 

“Yeah, Jesse is busy trying to f–k other women while I’m pregnant,” the former adult film actress wrote in her statement. “I’m so hurt by everything he has done to me. He didn’t give a f—k about anyone but himself. He’s truly a disgusting human being. I do not like putting this on social media, but it’s the only way he will feel anything is if everyone knows WHAT HE TRULY IS [sic].” 

She then admitted that people had warned her about Jesse.

Did Jesse James Cheat on Wife Bonnie Rotten? Her Claims
Courtesy of Bonnie Rotten/Instagram

“Everyone can laugh at me, make fun of me, whatever you say,” Bonnie added in a separate snap. “Nothing will make me feel worse than how I truly feel right now. I should’ve known better, you’re all right.” 

On Thursday, December 1, Jesse reacted to his wife’s allegations in a screenshot he shared via his Instagram account of one of Bonnie’s Instagram Stories. 

Jesse James’ Pregnant Wife Bonnie Rotten Claims He Cheated on Her: ‘I Should’ve Known Better’
Courtesy of Bonnie Rotten/Instagram

“Jeeeezzzzz my private life suuuure is interesting. Tried and Convicted just like that,” Jesse wrote in his lengthy caption. “No smoking gun. No salacious texts. No other woman coming forward??? What the Hell?? Where’s my ‘Honky Privilege?’ If this was an episode of Love & Hip Hop [Atlanta], I’d be dabbing it up at the club with Stevie J. and Lil’ Scrappy right now and nobody would say s—t. Ohhh well, all is fair in love and war I guess [sic].” 

Reps for Jesse and Bonnie did not immediately respond to In Touch’s request for comment. 

The Spike TV alum, however, issued a public apology to his wife in a separate statement on Friday, December 2, denying that he had any affairs. 

“Baby I didn’t cheat on you I swear!!” Jesse wrote in his lengthy Instagram caption. “I’m sorry we got into a fight. I’m sorry I called you a ‘retard’ when we were fighting. I know that just made you more mad, and didn’t do anything to make the situation better. It was out of line and childish and immature. I’m sorry I did that. Please know. I’ve never thought about cheating on you. I’ve never tried to cheat on you. I’ve never had the urge to cheat on you. You are the only one I want, forever.”

He continued, “In the whole time we have been together, I have never texted or sent inappropriate DMs to anyone. Every chick that was hanging around back then got told I was in love with you, and I couldn’t see them anymore. This was me making efforts to secure your trust and do things the right way. (What a ‘man’ does) Even though I said/did nothing inappropriate, I was wrong for following and texting an ex after you left Monday night. I really thought we were done, and I was so mad and acted out of anger and spite. I know this hurt you, and I’m sorry. I unfollowed her and won’t contact again.” 

Jesse then told Alaina he loves her “so much” as well as their life together. 

“I know you’re pregnant, and I know you are having a rough time right now,” he concluded. “I want to make things better and do everything possible to make your life the best. I want to be a positive and fix everything with us [sic]. So, please know that I’ve learned from my past mistakes, and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy, and gain your love and trust. Please come home. I love you.”

Bonnie revealed in a Monday, December 5, Instagram post, “Yes I filed for divorce … the next day I filed a non-suit to stop the divorce.” She said that she “mistakenly posted my private business between my husband and I on social media.”

The former adult actress shared, “I love Jesse so much and was very hurt by what I saw when I went through his phone.” She revealed the reason she’s back home with Jesse is because “he didn’t say anything inappropriate and didn’t talk about ‘having sex or meeting up with anyone.’ That’s why I am here working out the marriage that I believe in.” Bonnie added that she was “fine” and that “everything was blown out of proportion” as she continues to “work on my relationship with my husband.”

Apparently, working on their marriage didn’t turn out so well, as Bonnie filed for divorce for a second time on Tuesday, December 6, in Hays County, Texas, documents reviewed by In Touch confirm.

When Did Jesse James Marry His Wife?

The Monster Garage host married his wife in June 2022 in a backyard wedding ceremony. 

“Yesterday was the most magical day,” Bonnie captioned an Instagram post that month alongside photos of them exchanging vows. “I am so thankful to have those close to us join us for our day of love. All the planets were aligned, figuratively and literally. I found my soul mate. I won’t be letting him go. Mr. and Mrs. James.” 

How Many Kids Does Jesse James Have?

Jesse shares daughter Chandler and son Jesse Jr. with his first wife, Karla James, and his other daughter, Sunny, with second wife Janine Lindemulder. 

Who Else Has Jesse James Been Married to?

The reality TV star was married to his first wife, Karla, from 1991 to 2002. Shortly after ending his marriage to Karla, Jesse wed Janine in 2002. The former spouses divorced two years later. 

One of his most noteworthy marriages, however, was with Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock, whom Jesse was married to from 2005 to 2010. After learning that her then-husband was having multiple affairs in March 2010, the Blindside actress filed for divorce that April. Jesse released a statement at the time, admitting his infidelity and apologizing to Sandra. 

“There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me,” Jesse said in a statement to People. “It’s because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way. This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension, and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

From mid-2010 to late 2011, Jesse was in an on-off relationship with tattoo artist Kat Von D, who accused him of cheating on her with at least 19 women throughout their relationship. Jesse did not publicly confirm or deny the allegations at the time. 

In 2013, Jesse married his fourth wife, Alexis DeJoria. They divorced in early 2022 prior to his June 2022 wedding wife current wife Bonnie. 

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