After Joe Jonas penned his now-infamous tell-all about working for Disney, losing his virginity and getting high with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, Demi teased that she was going to write her own tell-all… but it turns out she doesn't really have to—as is, she's a pretty open book!

However, she took it one step further this week when she laid herself bare about struggles with addiction and drug abuse – even making the shocking revelation that she used to smuggle cocaine on airplanes. And now the 21-year-old singer is opening up to In Touch about why she decided to speak so candidly this week!

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“Honestly, I was just sitting next to my mom and she opened up a lot,” Demi told In Touch at The X Factor top 4 performance night on Wednesday. “People keep asking when I’m going to release my memoir, after releasing Staying Strong and I talk about my addiction issues at times in there, but it’s something I’ve never talked about before and I speak at a lot of places and the more that I speak I just don’t want it coming out. I want to be the first person to say it, so I just opened up and I was proud of my mom for opening up, she had never done that before, and an hour later I was like, ‘Oh god what did I just do?’ My fans are incredible and responsive and even people that aren’t my fans have been responsive to it.”

Demi did admit to In Touch that there was one fan that it was especially hard to be honest with—her 11-year-old sister, Madison De La Garza.

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The X Factor judge said that it was hard because her sister was around drugs and addiction, but that she ultimately hopes her sister learns from her past.

“I think it’s actually helped her because when you get to high school or college, people are going to start smoking pot and will drink a little bit, but I just want you to know, and I have told you this, I just want you to know that and if you do that stuff you are kind of dancing with the devil because you never know where that line ends and when you are going to cross it,” she said. “And then you can’t get back.”

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Demi revealed that she seeks advice from people in her life—such as her recovery coach and her best friends. She shared that allowing others to help you has made a huge difference in her recovery.

“I ask a lot of people for advice and the key is just accepting that you don’t know it all and you have to ask people for help,” she said.

Of course—Demi doesn’t just go to others for help; she gives help to many as well. Fingers crossed we actually get to see a memoir soon!

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