Danielle Bregoli’s Instagram has been the center of attention since she first skyrocketed to fame thanks to her appearance on Dr. Phil. But as of late, the “Cash Me Outside” girl’s social media is getting attention because it was hacked.

On Tuesday March 7, hackers identified as “FACE Security Group” took over the 13-year-old’s Instagram and posted some seriously disturbing messages for fans. Danielle’s bio has been changed to say, “no god I am false,” repeated three times in a strange font. Underneath “democracy dies in darkness,” is written in Russian.

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The posting began with a series of three videos, which seem to be warnings to the viral celeb, as well as her fans.

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“This is the modern day celebrity? This country glorifies ad makes famous a young girl for being disrespectful to her mother,” a computer automated voice is heard saying over a red screen. “She is no role model. She is no idol. She is no god. Pay close attention to what happens next.”

In a second video posted about two hours later, the same voice can be heard giving similar warning.

“Citizens of the world, too long we have stood idly by and observed,” it said. “It is time we take matters into our own hands. The time for change is now. The leaks begin Wednesday.”

The final video featured an upside-down American flag that cut to a clock counting down from 19 hours to zero.

10 hours later, a meme of the soon-to-be reality star was posted.

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danielle bregoli instagram 2

The alleged leaks have not started yet, but most recently a photo saying “1700 Reykjavik, Iceland” was posted, which has led to speculation that something will be released at 5 p.m. Icelandic time, or 12 p.m. EST (9 a.m PST).

“I’m freaking out!” one follower commented on the photo. Others are claiming this hacking has to do with the Illuminati.

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danielle bregoli instagram 2

Whoever these guys are, we hope Danielle is ready to cash them outside!

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