Insiders claim that Courtney Robertson, a contestant on this season of The Bachelor, is a liar and a gold digger — who wasn’t even single when
she first started stealing his heart!

While Courtney told Ben, 28, that she hadn’t dated anyone for a long time because she “hadn’t found the right guy,” her ex-boyfriend Dylan Hall reveals to In Touch exclusively that she was, in fact, seriously involved with someone when she went on the show — a “rich old man” in his fifties, who flew her to his San Francisco home from LA once a week.

In fact, Dylan notes that she had even posted pictures of herself and the wealthy older man on her Facebook page — and only deleted them once people started noticing.

A close friend of Dylan's, whom she dated for two years and lived with for one year, explains that she hooked up with Dylan because she thought he was a super-successful model, seduced him with her sweet, girl-next-door act — and dumped him when she found out he was earning less money than she thought.

Dylan urges Ben to find love elsewhere. “The show isn’t real,” he insists. But for Ben, it clearly is — and if someone doesn’t talk some sense into him, he may very well wind up on bended knee again and making the biggest mistake of his life.

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