For many, the holiday season is the most wonderful time of year. Children return home, loved ones gather and lifelong memories are made. But while some are enjoying fabulous feasts and delicious cocktails, a very special group of Americans sacrifice their celebrations to ensure the rest of us stay safe.

They are the medical professionals, first responders, and others who keep the world turning — anyone who must stay alert, on-call and most of all sober this holiday season.

To say thank you and to spread some (non-alcoholic) holiday “spirit,” CleanCo is offering all workers who must stay sober this holiday season a FREE bottle of CleanCo’s premium non-alcoholic spirits at Boisson retailers. This offer is valid in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco from December 20-31, 2022. To redeem, walk into any Boisson location and show proof of employment. In addition, a percentage of proceeds for bottles bought during the holidays will be donated to charity.

Founded by British entrepreneur and television personality Spencer Matthews, CleanCo brings the world great-tasting gin, rum, tequila, and vodka alternatives that are sugar-free, vegan and have fewer calories. The non-alcoholic spirits company was created to help with health, wellness and more.


“I lived in a cycle of drinking excessively for most of my twenties, finding jobs where partying and entertaining was part of the package and was considered a skill. Before the birth of my first child, I decided to go clean, and it unlocked a dimension of my life that I was surprised by – becoming more focused, driven, creative, and able” Matthews explained. It also felt like I had far more time in the day to achieve my goals. It didn’t take long to realize that drinking alcohol wasn’t necessary to have fun either. I’ve never looked back. I haven’t needed to.”

Spencer Matthews

“Developing CleanCo was not to preach about alcohol consumption, but to give you a choice when mixing a drink, without compromising on taste or social experience. You should be able to enjoy the delicious, refreshing cocktails you know and love without the repercussions. We now make alternatives to gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey, and are proud to be the leading independent brand in the UK. We continue to innovate regularly so that we can bring you the best non-alcoholic spirits in the market and we will have a great time doing it. Some say that CleanCo sells non-alcoholic spirits…we say we sell time. Join us this holiday season by raising a glass to the dedicated workers in your life. Cheers to a life less wasted!”— Spencer Matthews

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