Chris Watts was recently sentenced to life in prison for the slayings of his wife, two daughters, and unborn child, but now new details have emerged about their broken marriage. According to the Daily Mail, the Colorado dad’s mistress Googled information about a fellow killer’s affair following the murders.

The UK outlet reports that Nichol Kessinger did some research on Amber Frey — the woman Scott Peterson was having an affair with when he killed his pregnant wife. “Did people hate Amber Frey?” she asked, while also searching for her net worth and earnings from her book deal.

Peterson — who is currently sitting on death row — recently spoke out about his conviction.

“It was just like this amazing, horrible, physical reaction that I had,” he said during a clip of a phone call that he made while behind bars to his sister-in-law, Janey. “I couldn’t feel my feet on the floor. I couldn’t feel the chair I was sitting in. My vision was even a little blurry. And I just had this weird sensation that I was falling forward — and forward and down and there was going to be no end to this falling forward and down like there was no floor to land on. I, I was staggered by it. I had no idea it was coming.”

Watts, meanwhile, did not receive the death penalty, but a neighbor reportedly wishes he had. Cheryl Hallowell, who lived just two doors down from the 33-year-old in Frederick, CO, told Radar Online earlier this month that she cried when she heard the news.

“My husband, he called me and told me that he got a life sentence and said ‘thought you should know so you could be relieved,'” Hallowell, 68, told the outlet. “I was already crying because I so was happy.”

Watts was given three life sentences without the possibility of parole, but she believed he deserved something more torturous.

“I just wish we had the death penalty,” she said. “I hope somebody kills him in prison. It’s just wasted space. This guy killed kids, he was just really bad. Nobody understands why he had to kill them.”

He was transferred on Monday from county jail to the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center, where he will undergo evaluations to determine which the facility he will be housed in.

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