Forget Kim Kardashian getting naked. All it took was a dress to single-handedly destroy the Internet. But not just any dress. #TheDress.

No one can agree about the color of this dress — some people see white and gold, while others see blue and black.

the dress original

The Tumblr user who originally uploaded the picture confirmed the dress was black and blue (though I’ll maintain it looks white and gold TO THE GRAVE) everyone — even celebrities — is pretty much losing their sh-t.

As reddit user chrisconlon explained, the lighting in the picture causes a deception similar to the checker shadow illusion.

If you see gold and white, you’re assuming the picture was taken in a bluish shadow. If you see blue and black, you’re interpreting the yellow light. Additionally, the poor exposure of the image leaves the lighting ambiguous.

the dress shadow

(Photo Credit: Imgur, /u/chrisconlon

Well, there’s at least one thing everyone can agree on — the great debate about #TheDress is great for business!

TMZ’ reports British retailer Romans Originals, who make #TheDress, have seen a 347-percent spike in sales.

the roman dress black and blue version

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