It’s settled. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have reached an agreement in their custody battle over their daughter, Everly. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Channing, 39, and Jenna, 39, both agreed to 50/50 custody and they agreed that they would not “exploit” their 6-year-old on social media.

Additionally, the exes agreed to work with a counselor to come up with a schedule that will allow them to split holidays and custody time in a fair manner. Their agreement also included a mention that they both agreed to not use photos of Everly on social media for any posts where they would be making a profit like sponsorships, advertisements or any other social media campaign. However, they are allowed to post family photos and pictures of Everly from events. The stipulation was part of the changes Channing highlighted when he originally filed to update their custody arrangement in November 2019.

The Magic Mike alum filed documents at the Superior Court of California on November 25, where he requested child custody and visitation and asked for coparenting mediation, according to the paperwork previously obtained by In Touch.

“In an effort to avoid any unnecessary confusion and conflict going forward, I believe it is necessary for Petitioner and me to work with a coparenting counselor to assist us with making modifications to the custodial schedule as needed, as we have not been able to do effectively,” Channing explained in a statement in the documents.

It’s not immediately clear if Channing’s other wishes were granted within this new custody agreement. In the docs, he expressed his desire to take his daughter on trips within the United States “without the consent of the other party,” the document continued. He also wanted to be able to FaceTime with his daughter “once per day between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.,” the document stated.

Channing also wanted to “be able to take Everly out of school for up to five days per year for special, work-related occasions, without the consent,” according to the paperwork. “I have witnessed other children of entertainers travel with their parents for work or spend time on set, and I want to give Everly that opportunity. I will make sure to work with Everly’s school and hire tutors to ensure that she never falls behind in her schoolwork,” he wrote at the time.

While Channing and Jenna’s divorce has yet to become finalized, the exes — who split in April 2018 after nine years of marriage — were declared legally single in November 2019.

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