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Celebs Who Have Starred in Past Horror Movies: Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and More

Your favorite celebrities have done some low-budget, lesser-seen projects over the years — and chances are, they have a horror movie in their filmography. A-listers including Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Hemsworth have scary movie pasts.

The Simple Life alum and socialite Paris Hilton is also known for her stint in the horror genre. She starred in the 2005 slasher House of Wax, which was a remake of the classic 1953 Vincent Price film of the same title.

During an interview with after the release of the movie, she revealed she had been injured on the set. “My feet were all cut up. It wasn’t like a set, it was a real forest, and we were really running through it,” she told the outlet at the time. “It wasn’t really planned. It was running — [director Joel Silver] was like ‘Pretend this guy’s really chasing you and run,’ so I was just running and I was bumping into trees and I couldn’t see. It was scary, and my feet got all messed up.”

The reality star also revealed to the outlet that she was really affected by the movie when she saw it. “I’m glad I saw it before the premiere, because I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, like screaming, like covering my eyes. I was so grossed out,” Paris said. “If I did that during the premiere, I’d be so embarrassed. Now I know where all the scenes are where you jump up and scream, so I can contain myself. I loved it, getting caught up in the flow of the movie. It’s such a fun, cool movie to watch.”

The Los Angeles native even claimed it was a pretty great job — all things considered, of course. “It was pretty brutal, but it’s a Joel Silver film, a really cool concept, a great cast and an amazing director, so it was worth all the running around in the forest, getting killed,” she explained. “I know of Joel Silver because I’ve seen all of his movies, and every movie he does is a hit, so just to work with him is an honor. I thought it would be a fun character to play and a cool movie to do.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see how many of your favorite celebrities have appeared in horror movies in the past!

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