Better than nothing? Although George and Cindy Anthony were hoping the videotaped depositions in their home foreclosure case would be hidden from the public forever, a judge ruled that they are only confidential for the time being.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, “This matter came before the Court for a hearing on February 5, 2019, on Plaintiffs Amended Motion for Protective Order to Prevent Public Dissemination of Videotaped Deposition (‘Motion for Protective Order’) and the Court, being duly advised in the premises and having heard arguments of counsel, finds that Plaintiff has failed to show good cause for a prospective and indefinite prohibition against the dissemination of videotaped testimony in this matter, but has shown sufficient good cause for a prohibition against the dissemination of videotaped testimony during the pendency of this matter.”

Casey Anthony mom in court
Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/MCT via Getty Images

Casey Anthony, foreground, leaves a hearing on Monday, December 20, 2010, in Orlando, Florida, as her mother, Cindy Anthony, looks on.

As of June 2018, Casey Anthony‘s parents owed $130,000 on the property. Their home played a crucial role in Casey’s murder trial, as her defense attorney, Jose Baez, claimed Caylee Anthony, 2, drowned in the family’s swimming pool and that Casey’s father, George, found the body and helped dispose of it.

“How in the world can a mother wait 30 days before ever reporting her child missing? That’s insane, that’s bizarre,” Jose said in his opening statements, according to ABC News. “The answer is actually relatively simple. She never was missing. Caylee Anthony died on June 16, 2008, when she drowned in her family’s swimming pool.”

However, Casey’s parents have denied the “drowning theory,” with George saying, “That’s a bunch of bull to me. That’s too easy of a story to bring up ‘cause if that would’ve happened, I think my daughter would’ve at least had the common decency or common sense inside to call 911 and say something. That’s a bunch of crap.”

In November, George was involved in a near-fatal crash that seemingly changed his outlook on life. Although he had said in the past, “I don’t want to see her, I don’t want to talk to her,” he now says he wants to reconnect with his daughter. “I would [like to see her]. I mean honestly, I would,” he told Dr. Oz in a recent interview. “I would just like to tell her I’m sorry. You know, that I forgive her. I forgive her and that’s hard for me to say.”

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