Though Casey Anthony maintains that she doesn't know how her adorable daughter Caylee died, her parents don't seem to buy that story. In a recent interview with Crime Watch Daily, George and Cindy Anthony reveal that they don't trust their daughter at all.

"Casey knows what happened to Caylee. I feel that in my heart," George revealed. Casey has claimed that George was with Caylee when she died, and he insists that's a lie. "Do I feel that she took my granddaughter's life? I don't want to believe that, but Casey is the one that can answer that question."

Cindy doesn't think that Casey would have straight-up murdered her daughter on purpose, but she still believes their granddaughter's death was her fault. "No, I don't think, I truly, honestly don't think she killed her," said Casey's mom. "I don't know. I don't know if it was an accident or what happened. I don't know if Casey got distracted and Caylee drowned in the pool." Cindy also revealed that Casey had been suffering from frequent seizures, and may have blacked out during Caylee's death and not remembered what happened.

So does Casey talk to her parents? For Casey's dad, their relationship is over for good. "I don't want to see her, I don't want to talk to her. I've always said that I would never talk to my daughter. I actually lost my daughter and my granddaughter in 2008." Cindy, on the other hand, last saw her daughter about a year and a half ago — around December 2016. She did not mention if she would see her again.

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George and Cindy Anthony

So why are the Anthony's speaking out? Apparently, they want the public to understand how painful the experience was for them, instead of hating them and lumping them in with their daughter. "I really believe out there, you know, there’s a certain amount of people that don't really understand what we've been through, how traumatic it's been for these last nine years," said George, who admitted it got so bad that he tried to commit suicide. "I guess I didn't drink enough alcohol, I didn't take enough pills," he said.

Despite George and Cindy's harsh assessment of their daughter, a source close to the controversial Florida native insisted she's unfazed by their newest comments. "Casey's parents have always given these interviews. From day one, they have done this. And for what? Casey just rolled her eyes at the things they tell they media," one source told People. Another added, "For Casey, it was like, 'Whatever.' They have always been critical of her, even from the time she was a girl. So why would anything change now? She feels like they've never truly been supportive of her. Casey doesn't wish them any ill will or anything. They're her parents, and she really does love them. But she doesn't spend her time obsessing about what George and Cindy Anthony say about her — especially publicly. She has moved on."