People still can't believe that Casey Anthony isn't behind bars when there's so much evidence against her in the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. That's why they were beyond frustrated to hear that she was spotted drinking and partying alone at a local Irish bar called O'Shea's in West Palm Beach, FL on April 15, according to TMZ.

Though it seems like Casey arrived at the watering hole alone, she was laughing and joking around with some of the guys in the bar. People can't believe that patrons would casually chat her up like that with her reputation. "Ugh pls go away!! Hope every young man and their mother know who you really are. A child murderer!!!" wrote one angry Twitter user. "Same thing she was doing the night her precious child…" said another, alluding to the night her daughter went missing, while she was allegedly out partying.

Casey was acquitted for the murder of her two-year-old daughter in 2011, but people haven't forgotten about her. Recently, Marcia Clark revealed some new evidence in the case that seems even more damning than what we already knew. Most importantly, a search for "foolproof suffocation" was found in her computer and originally pinned on her father, George. However, Marcia learned that due to a programming glitch, the time of the search showed up wrong. The accurate time would put George at work, and make Casey the only person home at the time. Not only that, but the history was deleted right after Casey got home from being arrested.

Evidence like this has made it hard not to question Casey's innocence, and has lead to years of documentaries and TV specials. Casey insists she just wants to live her life, but if that's true, maybe she should stay out of the bars where everyone has a cell phone camera.

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