You might think that someone would be upset if their father said he never wanted to see them again, but not Casey Anthony. In late October, her dad George Anthony said on Crime Watch Daily that “I don’t want to see her, I don’t want to talk to her. I’ve always said that I would never talk to my daughter. I actually lost my daughter and my granddaughter in 2008.” And guess what? Casey doesn’t care.

“She’s a grown woman, she’s fine with that,” a source told People. “Casey’s parents have always given these interviews. From day one, they have done this. And for what? Casey just rolled her eyes at the things they tell the media.”

casey anthony parents getty

George and Cindy Anthony

Some of those things include how suspicious Casey was in the 30 days following the disappearance of her daughter. Mom Cindy Anthony actually believes she’s mentally ill, saying in the same interview that “I truly, honestly don’t think she killed her. I don’t know. I don’t know if it was an accident or what happened. I don’t know if Casey got distracted and Caylee drowned in the pool.” She believes it’s possible Casey had a seizure or blacked out and doesn’t actually know what happened.

“For Casey, it was like, ‘whatever,’” said another source after Casey saw what her mom said. “They have always been critical of her, even from the time she was a girl. So why would anything change now? She feels like they’ve never truly been supportive of her. Casey doesn’t wish them any ill will or anything. They’re her parents, she really does love them. But she doesn’t spend her time obsessing about what George and Cindy Anthony say about her — especially publicly. She has moved on.”

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