Carson Kressley is amazed at the impact Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has had more than 20 years after it debuted on Bravo. “I still get comments from people in their 30s or 40s saying, ‘Your show made it easier for me to come out.’ When I hear those stories, I get goose bumps,” says the single 54-year-old, adding that he’d gladly revisit the groundbreaking series with costars Thom Filicia, Kyan Douglas, Jai Rodriguez and Ted Allen for “a one-off special or something.” Here, Carson talks to In Touch’s Fortune Benatar about the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, his friendship with Cher and his dream gig.

Fans would love a ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ revival!

CK: We had such a phenomenal experience working on the original, but times have changed, so we’d want to do something more up-to-date.

Did you think the show would be such a big deal?

CK: My only goal was to get rid of pleated khakis and mullets. The mullets might be making a resurgence, but I think we’ve slayed pleated khakis. The biggest contribution the show has made is getting people talking about and introducing them to queer people.

Are you still in touch with the cast? 

CK: Yeah, we’ve had a group chat going since there were group chats. Whenever something momentous is happening in our lives, whether it’s good, bad, happy or sad, we celebrate or support one another. The show was a bonding experience; we went through something very unique together.

What are your thoughts on Bobby Berk leaving the new ‘Queer Eye’?

CK: Bobby is so talented, and he’s going to go on and do amazing things. I was like hmm … I wonder who they’re hiring for the new interior design guru? I could be available!

You’ve done ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ …. Any shows left on your bucket list? 

CK: I’m obsessed with HGTV, so I’d love to do anything in the interior design space.

What’s the hardest part about being a judge on ‘Drag Race’?

CK: Sometimes I have to remember that not everyone can win.

The show has so many celebrity fans! 

CK: I’m not surprised. It focuses on the artistry and fortitude of the queens, and people in show business respect that. It’s relatable to superstars like Ariana Grande and Cher.

Is it true you have a letter from Cher framed in your home?

CK: I do! I met her at a movie premiere, and we became friends. She sent me a letter, and it’s framed in my bathroom. People are like, “Is that a letter from Cher above your toilet?” I’m like, “It certainly is!”

What’s been the greatest career lesson you’ve learned?

CK: I’ve always made a habit of saying yes to things. Sometimes something that isn’t your dream job will lead you to your dream job. If you say yes, the universe will guide you.

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